Got snacks? Your favorite Midwest treats are now on a t-shirt!

by Molly Joyce

We know there are a lot of thigns to love about the Midwest. 

In fact, if we made a list, we're not quite sure where it would end.

It's our pride for our home that inspires our t-shirt designs. And in the Midwest, we know that we're eatin' good.

We released a brand new, tasteful collection of some Midwest favorites to celebrate some of our unique and most notable snacks! 

Michigan is Super

Michigan is super adult t-shirt

We already knew Michigan was super, but did you know Superman ice cream was invented in Michigan?

We created this Michigan is Super t-shirt to pay tribute to Michigan for creating one of our favorite colorful treats!

P.S. Look closely at the t-shirt design! Did you notice Michigan and the Great Lakes in the ice cream?

Pass the Puppy Chow

Pass the puppy chow t-shirt

We don't know about you, but just looking at this picture has our mouths watering.

If you're from the Midwest, odds are that Puppy Chow is high on your list of favorite treats! The perfect combo of peanut butter and chocolate makes this snack impossible to keep to yourself.

If you ever had a bowl, you were definitely told to pass the puppy chow to share!

We made this shirt because we have so many fond memories with family and friends that were shared with a bowl of puppy chow. This is our way of bringing those memories back to you to share with your loved ones.

This shirt is screen printed on a soft heather grey triblend t-shirt. We can't promise there won't be any puppy chow residue on the shirt when you buy it!

Grab this Pass the Puppy Chow t-shirt and get ready to share your favorite Midwest snack!

This is Pop

Pop vs. Soda. The ultimate debate.

We Midwesterners will tell you, without a doubt, that our favorite carbonated beverages are called pop!

Not soda. Not Coke. 

And this t-shirt is here to help settle this debate once and for all.

Just Add Ranch Shirt

ranch dressing shirt

Have you ever found yourself buy chicken nuggets from a bunch of restaurants just to compare the ranch? Yeah, me neither.

In the Midwest, ranch is THE dressing. It's serious business. 

That's because it makes everything better and goes on everything.

Show your true Midwest self in this Just Add Ranch shirt!

Corn Shirt

corn shirt

There's been a boom of corn shirts lately.  

We've been in the corn shirt game for a while. We know all about the importance of corn being knee high by the 4th of July and that fields of corn are just as fun in the fall when they become mazes

Jump into this buttery soft corn shirt in time for summer.

Buckeye Candy Shirt

buckeye candy shirt

If you're from Ohio, the true Heart of it All, you know that one candy reigns supreme: buckeyes!

It's not just the mascot for the beloved Ohio State teams or the iconic tree known to Ohioans. It's because buckeyes are the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter. 

If you're the #1 fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes and the delicious candy, this Buckeye Fan Shirt is for you.

Shop Midwest Snack Shirts On Jupmode

When it comes to Midwest culture, our snacks really stand out. 

It's our goal to celebrate the things that you love about your home and your childhood. 

We hope these shirts bring back great memories, spark conversations with friendly strangers, and induce some laughter. 

All of these shirts are available in our retail store in Toledo and on our website,


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