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Got snacks? Your favorite Midwest treats are now on a t-shirt!

Got snacks? Your favorite Midwest treats are now on a t-shirt!

Did you know that National Snack Day is a thing? We released a brand new, tasteful collection of some Midwest favorites to celebrate! 

Michigan is Super

Michigan is super adult t-shirt

We already knew Michigan was super, but did you know Superman ice cream was invented in Michigan? We created this Michigan is Super t-shirt to pay tribute to Michigan for creating one of our favorite colorful treats!

P.S. Look closely at the t-shirt design! Did you notice Michigan and the Great Lakes in the ice cream?

Pass the Puppy Chow 

Pass the puppy chow t-shirt

We don't know about you, but just looking at this picture has our mouths watering. Grab this Pass the Puppy Chow t-shirt and get ready to share your favorite Midwest snack!

This is pop. 

Pop vs. Soda. The ultimate debate. We Midwesterners will tell you, without a doubt, that our favorite carbonated beverages are called pop! Not soda. Not Coke. And this t-shirt is here to help settle this debate once and for all.

All of these shirts are available in our Midwest retail stores in Toledo and on our website,

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