Dog Lover T-Shirts and Perfect Gifts for Doggos and Their Owners

by Molly Joyce

If you know only one thing about Jupmode, it’s that we love dogs!

From having dogs in the office every day, to an open-door policy for dogs in our stores, and countless dog-themed products. We love to celebrate our furry best friends. 

If you’re on a quest to find the perfect gift for dog lovers in your life or if you’re after a gift for your very own furry friends, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve combined our expertise in custom apparel and our love for dogs to create the perfect gifts for dog lovers and their dogs. 

Here are some of our favorite dog-themed products for dog owners and their fur babies.

The Dog Mom Shirt

woman wearing a dog mom t-shirt

Designed and made by dog moms, for dog moms, this is indeed the shining star of our dog lover t-shirt collection. 

The Dog Mom shirt features a simple, colorful, and stylish design. In our expert opinion, we believe there’s no better Dog Mom shirt out there. 

Yet, we didn’t stop at the shirt. Oh no—after all, you can’t wear the same shirt every day (as much as you may want to!). So, we designed a matching coffee mug and stickers to make the perfect gift pack for your favorite dog mom.

dog mom branded t-shirt

Dog Mom

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dog mom stickers pack

3-Pack Dog Mom Stickers

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dog mom branded mug

Dog Mom Glass Mug

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Can I Pet Your Dog Shirt

Jupmode can I pet your dog shirt

This shirt is for dog lovers who see someone walking their dog and can’t help but say, “Hi.” It’s also for the dog lovers who hope there’ll be a dog at parties and barbecues. 

But more importantly, the Can I Pet Your Dog Shirt is made for dog lovers who are always asking people the question, “Can I pet your dog?”. 

The shirt will allow them to express their love for pups and make connecting with new furry friends a breeze.

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Dog’s Best Friend Shirt

man wearing a dog’s best friend shirt while holding a dog

While most dog lovers have many friends, it's no secret that their true best friends are their dogs. 

At Jupmode, we understand and respect this friendship—especially with most of us being dog parents ourselves. For instance, pictured above is Stephen with our shop dog, Penny, who comes to work with us everyday. 

Honestly, we'd never dream of asking Penny who her best friend is. At Jupmode, everyone is Penny’s best friend! 

In part, this friendship inspired the Dog’s Best Friend Shirt—to commemorate the love between a dog and their best friend. 

Of course, friendship cuts across all ages. That’s why we created both adult and youth variants of this t-shirt—so dog lovers of all ages can show off their close friendship with their pups.

perfect gift for your pup or dog lover in your life

Here’s a brief size guide to help you get the perfect fit for them.

Dog’s Best Friend Adult Size Guide
Chest Width 32–34 35–37 38–40 41–43 44–46 47–49 50–53 54–57
Dog’s Best Friend Youth Size Guide
Size 4/5 6/8 10/12 14/16 18/20 N/A N/A N/A
Chest Width 22–24 25–27 28–30 30–32 32–34 N/A N/A N/A

You Will Do Better in Toledo Leash and Collar

dog wearing a better in Toledo collar and leash

On December 17th, Toledoans celebrate doing better in Toledo. What better way to commemorate this unique Toledo holiday than by gifting your furry friend a new Better in Toledo Leash and matching collar?

This gift set ensures your dog can also take part in celebrating the day and embracing the sentiment that they too, will thrive in Toledo.

But looks (and good tidings) are not all this leash and collar brings to the table. They also feature design elements that help keep your dog safe and comfortable. These include:

  • Woven heavy-duty construction
  • A 1-inch wide strap for comfort
  • Variable sizes for a perfect fit

Proud Dad of the Best Dog Shirt

Jupmode proud dad of the best dog t-shirt

We did not forget about Dog Dads. Check out this stylish vintage-inspired Proud Dad of the Best Dog t-shirt. 

After all, dog dads have a lot to be proud of—raising a pup and training them into the best dog is no easy feat. 

Also, with Father’s Day right around the corner, the Proud Dad of the Best Dog t-shirt is a thoughtful gift to show the dog dads in your life some love.

“Bought this shirt for my husband for Father’s Day...[The] shirt is true to size and is so soft.”

- Tara | ★★★★★

You Will Bark Better in Toledo Dog Bandana

you will bark better in Toledo dog bandana by Jupmode

This stylish statement piece is for the doggos with a killer sense of style. The ones that are always camera ready and are not shy to strike a pose. 

Most importantly, it's for the dogs that know Toledo is the best place to be, and they’re always barking about it. 

Gift your dog this stunning bandana and let them show their Toledo love and pride. 

The Better in Toledo Dog Bandana features:

  • A raw serge hem to prevent fraying
  • 50/50 cotton and polyester fabric
  • 100% machine washable design

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Ask Me About My Dog Shirt

Sure, we can talk about any number of things; the weather, local sports, family, but what dog lovers truly want to talk about is our dogs. 

The Ask Me About My Dog Shirt does just that; it gets right to it by inviting whoever you’re interacting with to ask you about your favorite conversational topic—your dog.

If you know a dog parent who likes to skip over small talk right to their dog's quirks, then this is the perfect gift for them.

But we didn’t stop there. . Get your dog-lover friend or family member the complete “Ask Me About My Dog” collection.

ask me about my dog branded sock

Ask Me About My Dog Socks

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ask me about my dog t-shirt

Ask Me About My Dog Shirt

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ask me about my dog branded mug

Ask Me About My Dog Campfire Mug

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testimonial of Kelsey

Find the Perfect Dog Themed Gifts With Jupmode

These are our top picks for the perfect gifts for dogs and their owners. But that's not all. Beyond our Dog Lovers collection, we also love custom printing for our customers. 

So if there’s a gift idea you have that we don't offer yet, we’d be more than glad to help out. We love it when someone asks us to print an image of their dog on a shirt—and with over ten years of experience and using the latest screen printing technologies in the field, there’s little we can’t do.

"Jupmode is simply the best! They may be a small business here in town, but they are big in heart."

- Deborah M. | ★★★★★

For the perfect gift for your pup or dog lover in your life, look no further than Jupmode.

Reach out today to start your custom order, or visit our store to shop from our existing collections.

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