Dog's Best Friend (Shirts for Dog Lovers)

by Molly Joyce

When you can screen print your own shirts, you have an obligation to print shirts that you love no matter what anyone else thinks about it. For us, those shirts are all about loving dogs!

It's a dog's world and we're all just living in it. So no more of this "man's best friend," we all know it's the dog's best friend! 

Gift this shirt to the biggest dog lover you know. No matter how big or small Jupmode has you covered with youth and adult sizes.

Dog's Best Friend Youth Shirt

dog and his best friend

Your kids might have a lot of friends, but we all know their true best friend is their dog!

If we support anything, it's the love between a dog and their best friend. When we designed this shirt we knew we had to have a youth version to match the adult.

Let your kids show off their love for their furry friend with this funny dog t-shirt.

Dog's Best Friend Shirt

stephen with his dog penny

Loving dogs isn't just fun and games. It's serious business!

In this photo with have Stephen with our shop dog, Penny. She comes in to work with us every day and lives the best life. 

We'd be a little afraid to ask who her best friend is, but during the workweek, everyone at Jupmode definitely claims her as their best friend. 

No matter where you go around town, let everyone know you're every dog's best friend with this fun, comfy dog shirt

Looking for other dog shirts for humans? Check out our entire collection of shirts for dog lovers!


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