Denny Schaffer Gives a Facebook Live Tour of Jupmode

by john amato

Our manual press operator, Mike Purcell (aka The Goat), entered us in a contest to win a donut delivery from Denny Schaffer...and we won! Denny surprised us by showing up at the shop on Thursday morning with some Bakery Unlimited Toledo donuts, so we gave him a shop tour!

denny and mike

Mike has been with us for five years. He’s one of those guys that makes everyone’s day better. If you watch the video posted by Denny, you’ll see the joy and excitement we see out of him on a daily basis.

If you haven't visited our shop, we love to give tours and show off our space. Denny takes a tour through our store, offices, and into production. The next time you're downtown, we'd love to show you around!

Facebook Live Video Link


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