Custom Sweatshirt: 4 Benefits to Designing Your Own

by Molly Joyce

Warm, comfortable, and trendy.

Add in the fact that you can relax in them at home or choose to wear them to a party and you can see why sweatshirts are a must-have item in your wardrobe.

These bad boys were first introduced to the world as full cotton practice jerseys for football players in the 1920s. Back then, athletes had to tough it out with the constant chafing and itching caused by their wool uniforms.

Thankfully, sweatshirts provided a happy compromise since they were made using durable and non-itchy fabric. While they were no fashion statements at the time, they were considered ideal for working out because they induced and absorbed sweat.

Sweatshirts have come a long way since. And they’re no longer just thought of as athletic wear.

Today, people of all ages wear them as part of casual or streetwear thanks to their:

  • Durability—their thick fabric means they’re long-lasting and can withstand multiple washes
  • Stylishness—they’re a fashionable clothing item that’s not only trendy but also available in different styles
  • Comfort—they don’t cause itching or discomfort, and baggy options have a looseness that allows for free movement
  • Versatility—they can be worn with almost any pair of pants, for normal or athletic purposes, and in any kind of weather
  • Warmth—they’re designed to trap body heat which helps you stay warm

Even colleges and universities in the 1960s and ‘70s discovered that sweatshirts could serve as well as t-shirts did when it came to exhibiting school pride.

Now, you can design your very own custom sweatshirts for your company, team, school, or other purpose. What better way to go about it than with a custom embroidery job, and who better to trust than Jupmode to get it done right?

You’ll want to design your own custom sweatshirts if you want to take advantage of any of their many benefits, including:

1- Building Your Brand

vintage ‘Toledo Rockets’ heavy sweatshirt

Showcasing your company’s logo in public makes it easier for your audience to identify and recognize it, which ultimately increases your popularity.

This is why car manufacturers insist on having their company logo at the front and back of their vehicles. It’s also why colleges and universities use all manner of apparel, including sweatshirts, to popularize themselves.

In fact, there’s nothing like a custom sweatshirt to get both parents and students to showcase school pride. Additionally, student clubs and organizations can ask members to wear such sweatshirts to prove their affiliation or just market themselves.

With custom sweatshirts, your employees no longer need to introduce your company to people. Instead, a glance at their sweatshirts becomes sufficient to let those around them know where they work.

Of course, you could be more into personal branding.

If so, designing your own sweatshirt will highlight your individuality while letting you channel your creativity and design aesthetic. That’s something ready-made sweatshirts can never offer you.

Expert Tip: When designing custom sweatshirts for a team, school, company, or yourself, ensure both the logo and message imprint colors contrast well with the sweatshirt’s color. For the greatest impact, go with your brand colors.

go with your brand colors

2 - Improving the Culture and Boosting Teamwork

woman in ‘Go Midwest’ corded sweatshirt

There’s something about uniforms that creates a sense of cohesion. They can help strengthen camaraderie, raise team spirits, and increase job satisfaction.

Indeed, there’s a school of thought that suggests that having people wear uniforms can stimulate their sense of professionalism. As well, customers do tend to perceive uniformed staff as knowledgeable and highly skilled.

Additionally, the act of wearing a custom sweatshirt can signify a mental switch. It moves your teammates from a relaxed state into working mode, thus helping them to focus on their assigned tasks.

Don’t forget that you want new ‘recruits’ to fit right in when they join your organization. You also want them to understand that you value unity and teamwork, all of which they’ll quickly realize by looking at the uniforms around them.

Of course, you could always invest in the occasional company dinner and team building event as well.

But getting your colleagues and employees high-quality custom sweatshirts to wear when on the job works beautifully as an everyday reminder of the common goals you’re striving towards. It’s also a lot more economical in the long run.

Plus, custom sweatshirts are the way to go if you’d like to instantly make it clear to your customers or target audience that you’ve got unbeatable team spirit and a great company culture.

Team sweatshirts also communicate unity and teamwork in a much more immediate and obvious manner than company dinners.

Don’t think so? Try recounting a tale to a customer about the last company team building dinner you had and see if it works as well.

3 - Expressing Your Personality and Starting Conversations

Better in Toledo’ embroidered teddy sweatshirt

First impressions last, which is why they say you never get a second chance to make one.

If you think about it, you’ll see that most of your first impressions about somebody have been largely influenced by the outfit or clothing they had on.

As such, designing a custom sweatshirt that speaks to you can be a great way to take charge of other people’s initial evaluation of who you are and what you stand for.

You’ll be surprised how many people find certain sweatshirt designs curious enough to mention it. This is your chance to break into a conversation about your company or the inspiration behind your custom sweatshirt.

You might even be able to impress enough people with your custom sweatshirts to go viral. Now, that’d be a great way to not only express yourself but also get some serious airtime without spending a fortune.

It’s important to remember that your clothing personality develops through experimentation and the values you either accept or reject. Clothing personality styles include:

  • Classic
  • Dramatic
  • Sporty/natural
  • Romantic

Therefore, it’s a good idea to research the different types of sweatshirts available when you’re getting them for a large team or organization. Doing so will ensure you settle on a type of sweatshirt that doesn’t disenfranchise anyone.

Some of the sweatshirts you can choose from include:

4 - Serving as a Gift Choice—or Revenue Stream!

Midwest is Best’ tan pigment dyed sweatshirt

You might have a special event such as an anniversary or a birthday party coming up. Custom sweatshirts can be an excellent way to have everyone remember the event.

Sweatshirts with a favorite quote embroidered on them can also be a wonderful way to gift a loved one, or remind entire teams or communities of the mission or goals that drive them.

As such, custom-designed sweatshirts make for special gift choices that recipients will especially treasure.

Of course, you don’t have to give away every custom sweatshirt you have in your store, either. You can always choose to capitalize on a particularly genius design idea to make some money.

If you decide to go this route, you’ll need to work with cool, classy, and really comfy sweatshirts in different sizes that’ll convince all manner of customers to get in on the action.

Then, you can run a custom sweatshirt sale alongside your marketing events and watch as your impressed and excited customers help you increase your brand value.

What’s more, you’ll likely generate substantial revenue if you find yourself with a particularly trendy custom sweatshirt.

Jupmode Can Help

You’ve learned that there are quite a few compelling benefits to designing your own custom sweatshirts. The table below offers a summary of the benefits of designing your own custom sweatshirt:

For the Individual For a Team/Organization
Build a personal brand Advertise a corporate brand
Express personality Boost teamwork and improve culture
Conversation starter Conversation starter
Unique gift or memento Gift or revenue stream

Whether you’re a retail customer or a business that’s interested in getting its hands on quality custom sweatshirts that’ll leave an impression, Jupmode is your go-to shop.

And yes, even if you’ve got a tight deadline, as Kelsey discovered, you’ll still get superbly helpful service and the perfect end product:

testimonial from Kelsey S.

Given how easy and convenient it is to print or embroider custom apparel today, there’s literally no reason not to customize your sweatshirts—and in bulk.

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