Custom Shirts for Races and 5Ks

by John Amato

Some of our favorite custom shirts to print are for races and walks.

In Toledo we have two running stores that have built a great community for runners and walkers in Second Sole and Dave's Running. Along with Toledo Road Runners Club, they host events all year long for runners. 

You can find a race every weekend around here from early spring through the Turkey Trots around Thanksgiving. Owing to the fact that we're in Ohio and the winters get pretty chilly they taper off considerable in the colder months.

Cool race shirts are one of the best perks of running a race. That and, of course, the health benefits can make a weekend race a worthwhile and memorable event.

It's very common for us to print race shirts on softer shirt blanks and dri-fit style shirts that runners love.

In this article we will show examples of some of the race shirts we've printed for different 5Ks, walks, and race teams and also cover:

  • What makes a successful race shirt design
  • Design and team name ideas for your next race or walk
  • Examples of soft race shirts and dri-fit style shirts
  • Tips on how to make the most out of your shirt budget
  • How we can help you with your next race shirt order

Falling Leaves 8-Miler and 5K Shirts

race shirt

One of the best things to do in Northwest Ohio is visit the Metroparks

They're great for enjoying time in nature, bird watching, relaxation, and exercise. 

It doesn't get much better than hosting a race in the Metroparks. You've got soft ground to run on, fresh air, and a tree canopy that keeps it cool. 

It's pretty much the ideal running conditions.

This shirt for the Falling Leaves 8-miler and 5K was printed on a 100% polyester dri-fit shirt. This gray shirt is appealing to runners because it's lightweight, long sleeve, and moisture wicking - perfect for fall runs in cool weather.

Haiti Hustle Race Shirts

haiti hustle race shirts

It can be tough to pull off a well designed race shirt with a lot of logos. They can get busy and distracting quickly. 

This shirt design for the Haiti Hustle is a great example of executing a race shirt well.  

We say it time and time again - simple designs are the best shirt designs.

And that's exactly what the Haiti Hustle pulls off here.

They have a clean, simple logo. It's three simple colors that complement each other and are easily legible. They also chose bold, sans serif fonts for text and printed it all on a soft, comfy shirt.

You guys, we like this race shirt a lot. 

Libbey Race for the Cure Team Shirts

custom race for the cure shirt

While we print a lot of race shirts, we print just as many race team shirts. 

Running races are great - even with that whole running part. 

When you run as part of a team, whether it's with a group from work, family, or a close group of friends, you have a little extra motivation when you're being held accountable.

These shirts that we printed for Libbey were for their team members that participated as a group in Race for the Cure.

The colors are great, it's on brand, and it's a nice soft shirt that they'll wear long after the race.

Justice for Sierra Glow Run Shirts

glow run shirt

Races are popular because they are fun. Glow runs, in particular, create an atmosphere of excitement and take the focus off the actual running portion of the race.

Naturally, these glow shirts that we printed for the Justice for Sierah Ce The Light Glow Run are bright neon yellow. Not only does the shirt color perfectly fit the theme of a glow run, but the design, with elements of neon lights, does, as well.

It's the perfect combination of design and shirt to fit the glow run theme.

Stranahan Elementary Pumpkin Run Shirts

stranahan school pumpkin run shirt

We love printing shirts for the Sylvania school system. From Northview and Southview High Schools to all of their elementary and junior high schools, we're rarely without a custom shirt project for Sylvania.

When placing a large race shirt order, it's important to keep your costs in mind. The race itself is often a fundraiser and the shirt can be one of the biggest expenses in the budget.

In order to manage costs, Stranahan used a simple two color print in their school colors in this design. As a reminder, the cost of a shirt is primarily determined by the cost of the blank shirt and the number of colors and print locations in a design. 

University of Toledo Halloween Run/Walk Shirts

university of toledo halloween run shirt

The best season for a race in the Midwest is the fall. The temps have dropped enough and the humidity has wanted.

So it should be no surprise that many of these shirts are for fall races.

These University of Toledo shirts accomplished two amazing feats - they came up with a punny race name and they made their dean look a little silly while wearing a witches hat and cape.

The personality in the shirt design makes it memorable and will give it a long life after the race. 

Running Race Team Names and Theme Ideas

Choosing a race name or team name is important. They can be funny, inspirational, and creative. Here are some ideas that might get the brainstorming process started for you. 

  • Running on Fumes
  • The Slow & Steadies
  • Blisters & Bliss
  • The Tortoises and the Hares
  • Chafing the Dream
  • Jog on, My Friends
  • The Galloping Gazelles
  • Sweaty but Seaworthy
  • The Finish Line Frenzy
  • Gone for a Run
  • The Flaming Feet
  • The Sprinting Siblings
  • The Racing Rascals
  • Running on Empty
  • The Pace Makers

Order Custom Screen Printed Shirts for Your Race

Here’s what Michael had to say after ordering custom screen printed shirts:

Very impressed by the speed and quality of my company's shirt orders. They got our order done in less than a week (70+ shirts) and they came out perfectly fabulous. Thank you for your customer service. 

At Jupmode, we have a lot of experience printing running race shirts. 

Whether you work for a running store, non-profit, school, or any other organization that hosts a race, commemorative race shirts are always a great idea and your racers will love them.

When done right (soft or dri-fit shirt, simple design), these shirts can be worn for years to come and help spread your brand message. 

If you’re on the team that is planning your next race or fun walk and you're looking for a partner who has the experience to print quality shirts and print them quickly, get in touch with Jupmode today.

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