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Custom Face Masks

Custom Face Masks

Face masks are a reality in our daily lives. If you're anything like us you've quickly realized that you can never find your mask when you need it and one just isn't enough.

Over the last few weeks you can tell that they have become much more common and people are becoming more comfortable wearing them. This week Governor DeWine mandated face masks in all public areas in the state of Ohio. They help keep us and others safe and prevent the spread of disease. 

We started printing custom face masks for local businesses and schools very early on. The first masks that we offered we sourced from a factory in Los Angeles. We sell these masks with unique designs on

Custom Face Masks with Logo

As the market has changed and grown, more and more face masks, face coverings, shields, and gaiters have come on the market. We get requests for different styles, colors, designs, and logos. 

Masks will help keep your employees and students safe.

If you need custom masks for your business or school, we can help.

We can source blank masks, custom printed masks, sublimated masks, and orders of all sizes.

Need masks quickly? We have reusable, washable, made in the USA cloth masks in stock that we can screen print with your custom design in house. 

Shoot us an email (, reach out to your rep directly for more information, or fill out the contact form on our website.

If you have a more immediate need to pick up another mask for personal use, stop into either one of our stores. They're in stock at our Adams Street and Cricket West locations! Our masks are comfortable to wear, easy to wash, and come in packs of three so that you always have a clean one to wear.

Shop our face masks here

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henry - February 25, 2021

Im looking for a price for 600 logo masks. Plesae let me know what the prices are with increase in purchase.
Thank you,

Drake Jimenez - July 28, 2020

Looking for a price for 100 masks with my company logo on it. I’d love a black mask with a white or cyan logo.

Thanks ahead of time!

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