5 Corporate Swag Ideas to Lift Your Employees’ Spirits

by John Amato

Corporate swag items are individually packaged in attractive boxes or bags and given to employees as gifts.

They provide endless benefits to not just the employees but also your business, including:

  • Promoting your brand’s reach and visibility
  • Creating uniformity in the workplace
  • Attracting prospective buyers
  • Boosting your team’s morale and improving their overall working experience

Always aim for creative, practical, and attractive corporate swag items that your employees will love and appreciate. 

The more they wear or use them, the more they expose your brand to potential customers, and eventually generate more leads and income.

Below are five corporate swag items to consider.

1 - Custom Stickers and Patches

custom embroidered patches

Fun company swag items come in small packages.

For example, stickers and patches are unique and versatile tiny swag items that allow employees to showcase their creativity and empower them to be themselves. 

Most people decorate their laptops and phones with stickers, while others use patches to customize their bags or clothing.

Stickers and patches come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. You can go the classic route with a round sticker or patch branded with your company’s logo. 

Alternatively, try out something more adventurous like customized designs and unique cartoons.

You can also have various stickers and patches and give them out as a “sticker pack.”

Stickers and patches can be placed anywhere—on phones, clothing, cars, laptops, and even water bottles. Pair them with a few pieces of branded swag, and you’ll have the ideal “new employee kit” to welcome new team members into the workplace.

Jupmode offers several options of patches and stickers for businesses. Here are some of our top favorites:

2 - Reusable Drinkware

custom coffee mug

Your workers are drinking water daily. A branded reusable water bottle not only ensures they have a constant water supply to keep them hydrated, but also ensures they represent your company with pride.

Other drinkware like coffee mugs and tumblers are also excellent swag items that cater to employees who love coffee and other hot beverages.

Since an average American coffee drinker consumes slightly above 3 cups daily, why not seize this opportunity and have reusable mugs and cups in your office kitchen? Besides, using reusable drinkware helps save the planet as they cut down on the use of single-use plastics.

Other drinkware to consider include:

3 - Pet Swag Accessories

custom dog-themed shirt

Lots of our staff are adoring pet parents, and we know this cuts across every industry.

Your remote workers’ dogs have probably crashed enough zoom calls that they’re practically your employees too. Welcome them officially into the workplace with incredible pet swag items.

Giving branded pet accessories sends a subtle signal that you run an animal-friendly company and care about all your employees' families, including their furry friends. 

Besides, pets can be ruff on your employees’ personal items, so having a spare toy of their own is an ideal distraction.

We’ve created plenty of unique dog-themed shirts and gear inspired by our shop dog Penny. Our favorite designs honor our furry friends and the special bond we share with them.

Below are a few of our popular pet accessories that make excellent corporate swag ideas.

Puppy Friday Shirt

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Dog Mom Stickers

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Greatest Gift of All Dog Bandana

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Toledo Ohio Collar

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Ask Me About My Dog Socks

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Dog Mom Glass Mug

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4 - Winter Swag Accessories

custom sweatshirt blankets

Once the December holidays end and the days are still dark and cold, we’re all tempted to hibernate.

This is when your employees need a pick me up the most. Take advantage of the winter season to lift their spirits with functional cold weather corporate swag items.

The best winter swag accessories will help your workers weather the season. Treat them to quality branded apparel like jackets and hoodies, which are quality and high-performance clothing for cold temperatures.

Jupmode offers a wide range of winter swag sets for your employees. A few are shown in the table below.

Winter Swag Set What The Set Includes Why Buy It?
cold weather set
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Beanie
  • Unisex
  • Production time takes 3–10 working days
  • 4 color options

Learn More

tumbler and blanket combo
  • Tumbler
  • Fleece blanket
  • Versatile
  • 10+ color options
  • Blanket dries fast

Learn More

throw and fuzzy socks set
  • Throw blanket
  • Pair of fuzzy socks
  • Unisex
  • 10+ color options
  • Durable

Learn More

Check out our entire collection of winter swag sets here.

If you prefer single products to sets, many other options are available. Check them out below:

  • Custom beanies: A one-size-fits-most accessory with a cuffed hem for maximum comfort
  • Sweatshirts: Come in all sizes and fabric options
  • Custom socks: Made with a thick tri-blend fabric (cotton, nylon, and spandex) to keep your employees’ feet warm all day or night
  • Sweatshirt blankets: Incredibly soft and comfortable
  • Coffee mugs: Hold hot beverages such as tea, coffee, and hot chocolate

"Jupmode has unique, high quality gifts for anyone! They’re easy to order online too..."
Beth W, Verified Buyer

5 - Stationery Swag Items

collection of dart pens

Stationery products are probably the first items that come to mind when thinking of corporate swag ideas. They’re one of the best forms of free advertisement for your company because every employee uses at least a pen and a notebook on a daily basis. So, when you give them these work essentials, you’re confident they’ll use them and get you some exposure.

Branded stationery items also look professional and increase your brand’s visibility when working in the office or holding meetings with similar brands and prospective clients.

Desk planners have also proven to be effective corporate swag items as they are easy to use and help your workers adequately plan their working hours. Emboss them with your brand’s logo or name on the outer back of each cover for further brand enhancement.

Other stationery items to consider include:

  • Sticky notes: Highlight important tasks to handle for the day
  • Calculators: Ideal for professionals in fields like banking, real estate, accounting, and statistics
  • Employee lanyards: Help to identify your employees to clients and other employees for smooth and fast communication
  • Highlighters: Draw attention to the important tasks
  • Paper folders: Help to neatly organize the papers in the office

always aim for creative

Get All Your Corporate Swag Items From Jupmode

From drinkware to pet accessories, these five corporate swag ideas will help you incorporate your brand into your office or workplace. There is a swag item for every corporate company, whether it's the food or clothing industry.

These items are also ideal promotional products for your prospective clients. Therefore, when you buy them in large quantities for your employees, you can give the leftovers to your clients to further increase your brand’s reach and promote customer loyalty.

Jupmode offers endless options of corporate swag items with multiple benefits to your brand, employees, and clients. All our products are practical, fun, and unique, with a high degree of creativity and style, ensuring they remain as memorable as possible to the recipients.

We offer quality custom printing and embroidery services to ensure the swag items are tailor-made to your company’s specifications. We’ll put your brand’s name or logo on any swag item, from clothing apparel to accessories.

Fill out our custom order form to receive a quick no-obligation quote for your project before we get started. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further inquiries. We’ll get back to you in no time.

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