Columbus T-Shirt Printing: What to Look For When Choosing a Screen Printer

by Molly Joyce

Custom apparel helps your brand or team attract the attention it deserves.

It’s not only an affordable way to establish your identity but also:

  • Reinforces your brand and makes you memorable
  • Boosts your team’s morale
  • Distinguishes you from the competition
  • Acts as additional advertising

It may seem easy to just order from the first screen printing company you find. But it can quickly become a chore if you have missed deadlines and poor quality workmanship.

As professional screen printers who’ve been in the business in Columbus, Ohio for over 15 years, we at Jupmode know exactly what you need to look out for as you choose your screen printing partner.

In this guide, we’ll cover all the qualities of a reliable screen printer to ensure you receive quality custom apparel for your team or company.

High-Quality Prints on Clothing

Before you place an order at a screen printing company, you need to ask for samples to establish the quality of their work.

You can also check your potential partner’s social media or website for their portfolio. This will shed light on if they’re genuine.

Quality will be determined by:

  • Vibrant colors
  • Great finish
  • High detail

Screen printing is a process. The creation of the design, the beauty of the artwork, and the colors and fabric used all have a determining factor in the end product.

vintage rock band t-shirt

Ask to see a product similar or close to what you expect and determine if it’s good enough for what you’re looking for.

If you see that the quality matches your standards, you can safely invest your money by placing your order.

Realistic Pricing

It’s always important to ask questions when you’re about to spend money.

Quality is key and must never be compromised for a cheap price.

To determine whether the screen printer is offering a realistic price, you can do some research by comparing prices with other businesses offering the same services.

Most likely, the prices for printing apparel will be in the same range. The only difference may be due to the material used or quality of services offered.

For instance, someone may offer free shipping but print at a higher cost.

columbus ohio crew sweatshirt

When placing your order, ask for the total price (including shipping costs). The prices must be realistic and must be as close as possible to your budget.

Ask whether there are discounts available—especially if you’re placing a bulk order. For example, Jupmode offers amazing discounts on t-shirts, hoodies, caps, face masks, and sweatshirts.

Remember, realistic prices and top-notch quality must always go hand in hand.

Experience With Similar Projects

There are many experienced professional screen printers who’ve printed t-shirts for clients over the years. However, experience here doesn’t just refer to the amount of time they’ve been in business.

Experience is determined by the ability to remain consistent in developing beautiful artwork for clients and delivering quality in good time.

The reputation that a screen printing company has created over the years will determine whether you choose to work with them.

biketoberfest shirts and hoodie

There’s always anxiety that comes with planning a campaign or a special event. You want apparel to be delivered in good time with no mistakes.

Choosing an experienced screen printing partner will guarantee that special attention will be paid to your order.

For orders that require very specific fine details, you don’t have to worry because you can be sure everything will be done to your specifications.

An experienced screen printer should be able to develop quality custom artwork and deliver by deadlines. You can easily determine this by checking out customers’ reviews and other people’s experience with the screen printer.

For instance, check out this Jupmode review by Kelsey.


Good Customer Service

When you’re ordering customer printed shirts, especially for an event, it’s crucial you deal with kind and helpful customer service agents.

Unhelpful customer service can be frustrating and can cause anxiety leading up to an important event.

The customer service must be communicative from ordering up to delivery. They must keep you updated on progress, inform you of any issues occurring, anticipate your needs, and make recommendations to make the process easier for everyone.

custom animal rescue tank tops

Anything less than that is detrimental to your peace of mind and success of your project. Always go to a helpful company that can offer guidance and information with kindness.

At Jupmode, all your needs will be met in a timely, efficient, and pleasant way. We’re always cooking up ways to wow our clients and we believe that good customer service has greatly impacted how our clients perceive our brand.

Over the years we've developed a customer focused mentality. It's the primary reason our customers come back to us when they need more shirts and why we have over 200 5-star reviews

We’ve now established everything you need to look for when choosing a screen printer.

However, it’s important the screen printer you pick understands what it is they’re doing. That’s why we’re now going to break down some of the fundamentals of screen printing and its benefits relative to embroidery. Let’s start with what screen printing is.

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a traditional technique used to create a printed design by pressing ink through a mesh onto a thin fabric.

The method is used to create custom posters, clothing, and canvases.

boochy mama hoodies

Screen printing is one of the most popular forms of creating designs on fabric. This is because it offers many color options and endless print designs.

Screen printing is more versatile than other printing methods and can also be done on other materials such as glass, wood, and electronics.

First, a stencil is made on a mesh screen. Then, ink is pushed through the stencil to imprint the design on the chosen fabric.

The stencil can be repeated numerously with many colors. However, each color requires a new screen.

This makes it easy to print different color t-shirts or jerseys with only one screen.

Expert Tip: Screen printing is the fastest technique to print large volumes. Also, the more you order, the cheaper the price.


Screen Printing vs Embroidery

Embroidery and screen printing are your primary options when you decide to brand your merchandise.

At Jupmode, we offer both options. Let’s look at what they each have to offer to help you make an informed decision.

Features Screen Printing Embroidery
Price Affordable for bulk orders and complex designs Affordable for smaller logos
Durability Colorfast up to at least 50 washes Lasts as long as the fabric since it’s embroidered inside
Colors More color options and endless design options Limited designs and up to 15 colors

Did you know? Screen printing is an art as much as it’s a science. Factors such as UV light, drying temperature, and the proper equipment all determine the end product.

Having worked with numerous brands for years, we’ve mastered both the science and the art.

We offer screen printing for:

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatpants
  • Hoodies
  • Crew sweatshirts
  • Tote bags

Whether you want something unique for an event or something fun for your pet or family reunion, we can deliver.

Get in touch with our helpful customer care agents to order your custom apparel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is screen printing the best option?

Screen printing is the best option for detailed designs. It’s easy to print on specified areas of the print material and produce a high-quality output.

Will screen printing ink wash out?

If the material is professionally screen printed using the right procedure, drying temperature and recommended timings, then the ink will not wash out.

Can you screen print at home?

It’s not recommended to screen print at home due to the high cost. Time, machine, and labor costs will go through the roof when you print at home.

When you find a reliable printing partner, you can be sure that your designs will be executed as you wish without having to buy the machines and hiring labor.

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