Coffee Shop Shirt Examples

by John Amato

When I first started to learn to screen print I was working part time in a coffee shop. This is where my love for coffee was born. 

Naturally, when I started printing custom t-shirts, some of my first customers were coffee shops. You'll see as you read through this post that some of the photos look old and grainy. That's because some of them date from as early as 2012. 

It's always fun for us to print shirts for local coffee shops. Not only do we love their product and have the shared experience of operating a small business, but we love the designs they send us. Even after all of these years printing custom t-shirts, we always prefer to print cool designs for people we like. 

Our catalog of custom coffee shop shirts is deep. Take a look below for some of the shirts we've printed over the years. 

The Flying Joe Coffee

flying joe coffee shop

Back when we were still making shirts in Perrysburg, The Flying Joe was home to a lot of our brainstorming sessions and meetings. We didn't have a lot of space and used anything as an excuse to have some great coffee.  

We've helped the Flying Joe with everything from t-shirts to tank tops to sweatshirts to hats. They do a great job of mixing up their designs and styles. 

The Flying Joe is a great example of a coffee shop that serves their local community. And, in turn, their customers are loyal and show their support by wearing Flying Joe merch. 

flying joe sweatshirts

Maddie & Bella Coffee Roasters Shirts

maddie and bella coffee shirts

Maddie & Bella not only shares our love of soft, comfy tees and crews, but they also love dogs. Since they opened, their logo has featured the dogs they were named after. 

We've talked about our partnership with Maddie & Bella a handful of times around here. From t-shirts to crew sweatshirts to patch beanies, we've helped them create a lot of merch since they opened up. 

Maddie & Bella does a great job with branding. It makes our job easy when a customer creates art as strong as theirs. Below you'll see some of the first shirts that we printed for them nearly ten years ago!

While a lot has changed in that time, some things have stayed the same - like the quality of their coffee and t-shirts!

maddie and bella shirt

Brew Coffee 

local coffee is better t-shirt

Brew Coffee is located right on the corner of the University of Toledo's campus. And all college students know the importance of a strong cup of coffee while studying.

This shirt is a great example of a shirt with protional message. Printed on a soft, triblend t-shirt, the message is clear and bold and a rallying cry for people who love good coffee. 

It's success is in its simplicity. Local people want to support local businesses and coffee shops are foundational to local communities. It's also a universal message that can be worn by anyone - not just patrons of Brew Toledo.

Actual Coffee

actual coffee t-shirts

Actual Coffee does a great job of keeping things simple. Most of the shirts that we've printed for them are gray with their logo or company name printed in black. It's a simple yet effective way of reinforcing their brand. 

Actual Coffee has ordered both shirts and crew sweatshirts from us. They typically use a soft, triblend material. Better feeling and fitting clothing is worn more often. These shirts and crews get seen by a lot of people as a result.

actual coffee crew sweatshirt

We've been working with Actual Coffee since our days in our small studio space in Perrysburg. Check out this photo of their founder Lance one of his own shirts!

lance roper printing a shirt

Grounds for Thought

grounds for thought merch

Even after working with Grounds for Thought for a couple of years, we're still blown away by how much merch they go through. Hats, crews, tees, and beanies, no one does it better.

What's the secret to Grounds for Thought running such a successful merch program? Community. 

Grounds for Thought has been a fixture in the Bowling Green community for many years. By focusing on their people first, they've created a space that everyone is invested in and wants to be a part of. 

It's truly remarkable to see what they've done. We're honored to play a small part in what they've built. 

Coffee Quest 419

coffee quest shirts

Coffee Quest 419 is an annual event for local residents to get out and visit Northwest Ohio coffee shops that they don't get to regularly. 

There are so many great coffee shops in the 419. Coffee Quest gives people a great excuse to go out and visit as many as possible and see what everyone has to offer. 

We've printed the shirts every year for Coffee Quest. It's great to see how many people complete the quest and make it to so many local coffee shops. 

Order Custom Coffee Shop Shirts Today

By now, you know that we really like coffee. Local coffee shops and roasters are our favorite. 

We've been making shirts for some of these coffee shops since the early days of our printing and the early days of their serving great coffee. It's been fun to continue to print for them over the years and grow alongside them. 

We're proud of the fact that these coffee shops and roasters continue to trust us to print their shirts. We appreciate our friendship with them as much as we enjoy their coffee. 

Are you in need of custom shirts for your coffee shop? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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