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Chuck Ealey

Chuck Ealey

Today seems like a good day to remind all of the college football fans out there that Chuck Ealey still holds the longest winning streak for a starting quarterback. Trevor Lawrence would've had a shot at the streak had he won last night! 

After completing an undefeated 27-0 record in High School in Portsmouth Ohio, Chuck received a Football scholarship to the University of Toledo. While getting his degree in Business Economics, Chuck, as Quarterback, led his UT Rockets to a record breaking 35-0 college record. Despite this record, Chuck was passed over by the NFL draft as Quarterback. Chuck chose to go to the CFL where the only thing that mattered was his ability. In 1972 he led the Hamilton Tigercats to a Grey Cup Championship, winning MVP as Quarterback. 

Although Chuck is the only undefeated quarterback in College Football history, he is not in the College Football Hall of Fame. Support the cause at

Should we bring back our Chuck Ealey shirt?! 


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Don Allison - February 2, 2021

Please bring back the Chuck Ealey

Scott Bainer - March 16, 2020

Please bring back t shirt – would love to have one!

Julie Hines - February 16, 2020

Just heard the story of Chuck Ealey today.
What a shame he wasn’t drafted by the NFL. No Excuse!

He NEEDS to be in College Football Hall of Fame!

Charles Weinblatt - February 9, 2020

Yes, please bring back your Chuck Ealey shirt!

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