Celebrate jazz history month with Toledo jazz icons [Art Tatum, Murphy's Place, Rusty's Jazz Cafe]

by john amato

murphys place art tatum and rustys jazz cafe shirts in a row of three

Fun fact, April is Jazz Appreciation Month!

Toledo has a lot of history and appreciation for Jazz. From being the birth place of Art Tatum to having two iconic jazz clubs, Murphy's Place and Rusty's, our jazz roots run deep.

It's easy to overlook the significance of jazz to Toledo's history. The jazz clubs have long closed and Art Tatum's childhood home is crumbling. But it's impossible to forget how this music has shaped our city.

In the words of David Yonke in his book, Lost Toledo: 

"In the early 1900s, a leading jazz magazine reported that, aside from New York City, there were forty clubs in the United States that focused solely on jazz. And Toledo had two of them: Rusty's Jazz Café and Murphy's Place. "It was an embarrassment of riches' forToledo Jazz fans, said Joe Richardson, attorney and former president of the Toledo Jazz Society." 
We long for the return of jazz music to the Toledo music scene. With the opening of Tolhouse in 2021, it might not be far off.

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