Cardinal T-Shirt and Sweatshirt (New Release)

by Molly Joyce

The Cardinal has been the official Ohio state bird since 1933. Cardinals are known for their red color and singing abilities. 

Here is a whole bird feeder's worth of fun facts on the Cardinal - one of the most recognizable birds in North America.

Fun Cardinal Facts!

Our favorite person to learn about birds from is Teacher Tom. In addition to our quick facts below, check out his video which is all about the Northern Cardinal.

  • The Cardinal is the name of 2 professional sports teams - the Arizona Cardinals and the St. Louis Cardinals
  • The Cardinal is the official state bird for 7 different States Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia
  • Both male and female Cardinals have the ability to sing
  • Cardinals only eat at dawn and dusk

For the past 89 years, Ohioans have been proud to call the Cardinal their state bird. So whether you love Cardinals, Ohio, or both, this cardinal design is for you.

Cardinal Shirt & Cardinal Sweatshirt 

Cardinal Shirt and Crew Sweatshirt

For years we've wanted to create a design that was worthy of Ohio's state bird. 

We like what we've put together so much that we figured you'd want it on a crew sweatshirt as much as a t-shirt. The shirt is our standard vintage tri-blend tee and the crewneck is our pigment dyed sweatshirt. Both materials are soft and fit well, in their own right. 

Shop our new Cardinal shirt and sweatshirt in either of our stores and online!


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