How to Customize Good Quality Branded Hard Hats for Your Workforce

by Molly Joyce

Safety is one of the elements that significantly affects the performance of your workforce.

In industries such as construction and manufacturing, the workforce often faces safety risks like falling objects.

Safety clothing and personal protective equipment like hard hats is necessary to shield your workforce from head injuries, making them feel safe at work.

However, many companies underestimate the power of hard hats in boosting brand exposure.

Today, we’ll look at:

  • How to customize quality branded hard hats for your workforce
  • What are custom branded hard hats? 
  • Comparison between custom and non-custom hard hats
  • Frequently asked questions about custom hard hats

Pro Tip: Customized hard hats are a great marketing tool, especially when employees wear them regularly.

While protecting employees from on-the-job injuries, they also market your brand and create awareness among your potential customers.

Let’s look at how to customize quality branded hard hats for your workforce to boost brand visibility and make your workforce feel like an empowered team.

1 - Choose the Right Imprint Colors

When customizing, choose the right imprint colors for your hard hats.

Hard hats are available in different colors for easy personnel recognition on the job site. For instance, workers with leadership roles can wear red hats, supervisors can wear blue hats, and regular workers can wear green hats.

Color differentiation also makes it easy to know when someone is in the wrong place.

Since safety regulations require that hard hats be visible from all directions, always go with bright colors like red, yellow, orange, or green.

always go with bright colors

However, you don’t have to stick with one color. Two or more imprint colors will give your hats a more personalized look.

Additionally, if you want to print your logo or brand name on the hats, find the right color combination to maintain visibility while effectively communicating your message.

Some excellent color combinations that give hard hats a good look include red and green, blue and yellow, and white and red.

2 - Customize With a Logo

The best way to customize branded hard hats for your workforce is by printing your company logo on them.

Hard hats customized with your company logo go beyond keeping your employees safe. They create a sense of belonging and make your employees feel good about being part of the team.

There are two ways to print your logo on hard hats:

  • Decal: You can print a decal, which is a sticker that sticks to the surface of the hat. Printing a decal is easier and less expensive, though does have the potential to wear off over time.
  • Directly onto the hat: You can also imprint your logo directly onto the hat. This will last much longer than decal logos.

The best place to print a logo on hard hats is on the front of the hat, above the brim. It's the most visible place that will best expose your logo.

Avoid imprinting on the back or sides of the hat as it reduces the visibility of your logo.

When printing, ensure your logo is of the right size that fits perfectly on the hat while remaining visible, too.

Make the logo large enough to be easily seen, but not so large that it looks out of place. Most logos are sized between 2 x 2" and 4 x 4".

In short, get your brand name out there with branded hard hats printed with your company logo for a unique and professional look.

3 - Add Some Personalized Text

In addition to the company logo, you can customize hard hats for your workforce by printing custom text on them.

Examples of text you can imprint to personalize your hard hats include:

Company Name

Your company name on your hard hat is a cost-effective way to create brand identity, increase brand visibility, and boost brand recall.

If your employees regularly work outdoors, hats printed with your company name gives them a sense of belonging. Additionally, they get a sense of identity if they’re working together with employees from other companies.

Safety Slogans

Hard hats printed with safety slogans not only act as protective equipment but also as advocates of safety.

Pass a powerful message to your employees by printing safety slogans on their hats.

Examples of safety slogans you can print on your hard hats include:

  • Think safety
  • Safety starts with self
  • Think safe, work safe, be safe
  • Safety first, so you last

custom printing increases brand awareness

Job Roles

How about using hard hats to identify employees by their job roles? You can label hats meant for supervisors differently from general workers.

For instance, printing a large ‘S’ to denote supervisor and ‘V’ to denote visitor creates a distinction between employees and non-employees on a job site.

Alternatively, you can print the full job roles (e.g Supervisor), depending on your preferences.

Employees' Names or Initials

Instead of job roles, you can personalize the hats with individuals' names or initials.

Printed names or initials make employees stand out, and it becomes easy to identify them on-site. 

Text to Commemorate Occasions

You can also use your hard hats to commemorate important occasions or remember significant people.

For instance, you can customize hats to mark safety events such as National Safety Week, World Safety Day, or Safe and Sound Week.

If you want us to help you customize hard hats for your workforce, you only need to tell us how you want it done and the text you want printed on them.

You’ll have your branded hats in the shortest time possible.

testimonial from Don C

4 - Consider Custom Strip or Artwork

Another creative way to customize hard hats for your workforce is to include custom strips and artwork.

Reflective strips are especially effective if your employees regularly work at night. These strips can glow at night and provide an easy way to identify a worker in the dark.

Therefore, they help reduce accidents and enhance workplace safety at night.

Custom artworks are also unique and make your hats look more attractive. You can customize your hats with drawings and artwork which portray a special message (e.g. unity) about your brand.

Artwork is a great way to communicate your values, personality, missions, and vision as a brand.

Expert Tip: Keep your artwork simple to make it memorable while effectively passing your message to the public.

Now that you know how to customize hard hats, let’s briefly look at what exactly branded hard hats are (and the benefit of having one).

What Are Custom Branded Hard Hats?

Custom branded hard hats are hard hats modified to suit your specific needs and preferences in terms of design, color, printing, and branding.

custom hard hats for branding

As a unique and cost-effective marketing tool, you can customize hard hats in a way that benefits your company by:

  • Creating more brand awareness for better marketing opportunities
  • Boosting brand visibility to attract more prospective clients
  • Exposing your company logo to enhance brand identity
  • Sharpening brand recognition to build trust and loyalty

Custom vs Non-custom Hard Hats

As mentioned, custom hats are often personalized to fit your desired specifications, while non-custom hats come in a one-type-fits-all design.

The table below will help you understand the pros and cons of customized hard hats and their potential impact on your brand.

Custom Hard Hats Pros Cons
Unique Make your brand stand out from the crowd Specific for one brand (can’t be shared)
Brand visibility Enhance brand visibility and boost brand awareness Poor customization can lead to poor brand visibility
Sense of belonging Gives your employees a sense of identity and belonging Ineffective if they don’t consider employees’ tastes and preferences

As you can see, custom branded hard hats not only keep your employees safe but also highlight your brand and make it stand out from the crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when customizing my hard hats?

Some of the aspects you need to look out for when customizing your hard hats include:

  • The type of material. This may affect the impression of custom imprints such as logo appearance. Types of materials used to make hard hats include: High-density polyethylene (HDPE), ABS plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

    HDPE and ABS plastic hard hats are the easiest to customize and make the best quality branded hard hat print.

  • The design. Some designs (e.g. those with irregular surfaces) make it hard to print custom texts or logos on the hats.
  • Color preferences. It’s best to go with your employees’ color preferences or your company’s theme colors.
  • The colors. Poor color combinations like red and orange will affect the overall display of your hats.

What type of hard hats are suitable for my employees?

There are two types of hard hats you can customize for your employees depending on the type of risk at the workplace:

  • Type 1. Protects your employees from vertical impact, such as impact from a falling hammer.
  • Type 2. Protects your employees from vertical and lateral impact, such as impact from hitting sharp window corners.

Talk to your hard hat supplier and they’ll help you determine which type of hats are the most suitable for your employees.

Where can I get a custom branded hard hat with a logo?

Here at Jupmode, we customize your hard hats and make them suitable for both your brand and your workforce.

Our custom hard hats create a safe working environment while making your brand uniquely stand out from the crowd.

Contact us today and we’ll get started on customizing the perfect hard hat for your brand.

You order, we deliver!

“Excellent price, quality, design team, and quick shipping. First-time customers, but we'll be back! Thank you, Jupmode!”
Christina P

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