Vintage Boogie Records Shirt and Hoodie (New Release)

by john amato

Our most requested design is here!

Boogie Records was a Toledo institution for over 30 years and was THE place to buy records. Whether you have fond memories of Boogie Records, or you can't get enough of how much better vinyl sounds, this shirt and hoodie are for you! 

boogie records toledo ohio record store

For those that grew up in Toledo in the 70s and 80s, heading to Boogie Records on new release days were a right of passage. 

The Boogie records shirt and hoodie are recreations of the original Boogie Records shirt artwork. Proceeds from the sale of these items benefit the Arts Commission per the request of the former store owners. 

The entire shop is 20% off today in store and on plus free shipping! Cricket West and Adams Street are open 11-6pm today.


  • Comment Author: Chuck Kuhn

    Can I get a Boogie are it’s tshirt

  • Comment Author: dan

    Yo, can we get a reissue of the Boogie Records gear anytime soon?

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