Biking and Hiking (New Vintage-inspired T-shirt)

by Molly Joyce

Are you someone who finds yourself spending your free time outdoors? Always looking for your next adventure?

We've got the perfect vintage-inspired t-shirt for you to wear on all of your new and exciting journeys!

Modeling Biking and Hiking

Whether you like to explore the trails of the Metroparks or the veins of the city streets, there's always an adventure waiting for you. This comfortable, relaxed-fitting t-shirt is ready for any rough or tough journey you may embark on. Pair this shirt with your favorite shorts or pants, a breathable hat, and your most comfortable hiking boots or tennis shoes for the ultimate outfit. 

It's true, biking and hiking are some of the most beloved Midwest activities. You can always count on a fellow Midwesterner to join you on a bike ride, hiking adventure, or even a walk to chat and catch up!

Biking and Hiking staged photo

There's a world full of adventure waiting for you to discover. Grab our newest "Biking and Hiking" T-shirt and plan your next exploration whether it be to the National Parks, Metroparks, or in your very own neighborhood. 

These t-shirts are stocked in stores and online at! 


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