Bailey Flint Shirt Sale Benefitting My First Days Daycare

by Molly Joyce

Bailey Flint might be #49 on the field, but he is My First Days Daycare's #1 fan! While being thousands of miles away from his home in Australia, Bailey has found a group that feels like family at My First Days Daycare. We’ve teamed up with Bailey to create this special 419 t-shirt with proceeds benefiting My First Days Daycare where Bailey has spent time volunteering and reading to the children.

We're teaming up! 

Bailey Flint reading a book to kids at My First Days Daycare

A message from Bailey: 

My First Days Daycare is a children’s daycare center located in Toledo that has made a massive impact on my life. It is located in a lower socio-economic area of Toledo and its funding relies heavily on government subsidies as many of the children come from poverty-stricken homes.  

When the new NIL opportunities came to be within the NCAA, I was excited to see what I would be able to do! As an international student myself I cannot personally benefit from these rules because of my VISA status, and that is completely fine! With your help I hope that we can spread this shirt so that we are able to uplift the children of My First Days Daycare and bee sure that they have all the same opportunities and access to resources as their peers within the community.  Bailey Flint NIL t-shirt - 419

For the last few years, I have been at UT playing football I have volunteered my time to go and read books and play game with the amazing kids at Mt First Day’s! Unfortunately, this was not possible during Covid which hit them very hard financially. I was able to get my hands on some of their favorite books and record myself reading them so the kids would be able to still experience me reading the books to them whenever they want. They are a proud organization that instill great morals and attituded into the children that walk into the building so any way that we can help them would be amazing. 

In 2019 I suffered a season ending injury where I completely ruptured and tore several ligaments within my left ankle leaving me unable to walk and continue playing football. Being an international student, I was unable to be with my family at this time but fortunately I had found one in My First Days Daycare! The day I came out of surgery I was greeted with ‘Get Well Soon’ signs made by the kids, and I was able to use them as motivation every day to get up and rehabilitate my ankle so I could once again play the sport that I love! In what to date became one of the darkest times of my life was honestly brightened up but the selfless and caring nature of these kids. Children who know more about Australia than most, who have an Australian flag in their building that they are proud to represent for me and who are some of the happiest young people I have ever met.

Bailey Flint having ice cream sundays with children at My First Days Daycare

All the money that we raise for the daycare will be put straight into the kids! From making sure their facility is as in tip top shape, to giving them access to everything they could possibly need while they are there, and NOTHING will be coming my way from this sale. I look forward to watching what a positive impact we can make on the lives of these young children and inevitably their families!

-Bailey Flint 

How can you get your Bailey Flint t-shirt?

This shirt is a pre-sale. Shirts will be available to order through October 22nd. Once the pre-sale is over, shirts will be printed and shipped. Tap here to order yours! 

How Bailey Flint Shirts helped My First Days Daycare

Follow up! We are excited to share that with your help, we raised over $4,500 for the daycare! Here's Bailey with the children wearing their t-shirts. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen!

Bailey Flint at My First Days Daycare


  • Comment Author: Nancy Miller

    So wonderful that Bailey is sharing his gifts with the day care and that they are sring their gifts with him. Go Rockets.

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