6 Insider Tips for Branding Baseball Hats

by Molly Joyce

Did you know that branded baseball hats are one of the most popular promotional items that companies use today?

Branded baseball hats are a great and cost-effective way to show off your business at sports events such as marathons, festivals, and races.

They help your business to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Enhance company visibility
  • Expose your company logo
  • Create a team spirit

Baseball hats make great giveaways at corporate events such as trade shows, conventions, and conferences.

However, to create the perfect baseball hats, the branding must be modern, stylish, and eye-catching. 

Perfectly customized hats turn heads and benefit your brand by exposing your logo, increasing brand awareness, enhancing visibility, and building team spirit.

Today, we’ll show you some insider tips on creating the best custom-designed branded baseball hats to appeal to your target audience.

1 - Know Your Audience

Metroparks Toledo baseball hat

The first and most important aspect to consider when branding baseball hats is your target audience. The design, color combinations, words, and images used on your hats all depend on who’ll be wearing them.

For instance, if you’re branding baseball hats for your corporate team, you’ll want to use the company’s colors with the company’s logo and tagline. 

You’ll also want to create identical hats that make every employee feel proud to be part of a team.

To learn the most about your target audience, take some time to interact with them.

For further knowledge, you can review their websites or social media pages to find out:

  • What they like: Are they big on creativity and innovation?
  • What they advocate for: Do they stand for child rights or speak against gender bias?
  • Their values: Do they value team work more than individuality?
  • Their personalities: Are the team members hyped or a little laid-back?

With this information, you’ll be able to create hats that resonate with your audience in such a way that they’ll always want to wear them.

expose your company logo

2 - Pick the Perfect Color-Combination

Once you understand your target audience, it’s time to pick the right color combination that goes well with them. 

It’s best to choose colors that complement each other. For instance, navy blue blends well with yellow, while red complements green. Similarly, black hats always go well with white words.

When your chosen colors don’t complement each other, the hats won’t look as appealing and your audience won’t wear them. 

You want to pick colors that can easily blend with other outfits so that your audience can wear their hats regularly. 

For instance, black and gray hats easily mix with different colors of:

Branded hats that mix well with other outfits will likely be worn more often, thus increasing brand exposure to the public.

Expert Tip: For excellent branding of corporate hats, choose one main color for the body and one or two others for the logo and tagline.

3 - Pick the Right Words and Images

Now that you have the audience and right color combination in mind, you’ll need to carefully pick the words and images for branding the hats.

For corporate brands, the standard practice is to imprint the company logo and tagline on the hat. This helps to generate brand awareness and increase recognition among the public. 

However, you may decide to make it less obvious by choosing a whole new image and wordings for your team’s baseball hats—this way, they'll look less cliché.

Therefore, select words and images that resonate with your brand and send a powerful message to the public.

At Jupmode, our basic rule is to keep the images simple and the wordings short and precise. It ensures that the words and images easily fit in the available space without over-squeezing or overstretching.

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Tobias C.

4 - Use Embroidery to Brand Your Hats

red hats branded through embroidery

Embroidery is the best and easiest way to customize your branded baseball hats.

While there are alternative methods (e.g. printing) of branding your baseball hats, embroidery produces the best results; it allows you to elaborately sew the words and images according to your preferences using your chosen color of threads.

The table below will help you understand the benefits of choosing embroidery over printing when producing custom branded baseball hats for your target audience:

Branding Aspect Embroidered Hats Printed Hats
Quality Produces good quality branding that’s visually appealing Branding is of lower quality and looks old-fashioned
Durability Highly durable and can last several years Less durable, and don’t last long enough
Appearance Bold and unlikely to fade away The prints often fade away with time
Style choices Unique, stylish, and produces a classy, elegant look Styling is limited, and the end product doesn’t look refined

As you can see, embroidered baseball hats do more than promote your brand; they are also bold, durable, and meet diverse style preferences.

You can watch the below video to see how we use our 6-head embroidery machine to embroider elegant custom hats for our clients.

5 - Create a Unique Design

Everyone loves looking unique, especially your team.

To that end, you’ll want a design that makes your team stand out and gets your brand easily noticed.

Examples of such designs may involve:

  • Your image and words being embroidered on the front or sides of the crown
  • The image or words embroidered with 3D or puff embroidery 
  • The image being embroidered with a felt or chenille applique
  • The image or design being embroidered with a patch that is sewn onto the hat
  • The design being created on a leather patch and sewn onto the hat

Choose a unique design that looks interesting and makes your hat pleasing to the heart.

6 - Maintain Uniformity

uniformly branded baseball hats

Uniformity is a critical branding aspect that builds cohesion and creates a feeling of harmony.

While you may want to give each team member their distinct design or color, the results never achieve as much as a uniform look. It also creates more unnecessary work and is more costly.

For instance, during embroidery, it’s possible to lose the uniformity on details such as font type, font size, image size, and color codes.

Always stick with one design and maintain uniformity in every detail throughout the process to achieve a better and more harmonized brand outlook.

Let Them Know You by Hat

With their affordable cost and high visibility, branded baseball hats can literally take the task of marketing off your shoulders. 

These days, people hate being bombarded with official advertisements and hats give you a more casual, fun, and laid-back way of displaying your brand to the public.

Due to the growing demand for branded baseball hats, our team at Jupmode works to create the best custom branded hats to make your team shine and your brand more popular.

Place your order and make heads turn towards your brand today.

“I'm grateful for the help we received from Jupmode. Always professional, friendly, with great quality and service. Thanks so much.
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