4 Retro Looks to Pair Your Vintage University of Toledo Apparel

by John Amato

Everything old is new again, and this couldn’t be truer with statement pieces from earlier decades weaving their way back to the fashion streets.

For some retro-style lovers, embracing throwback looks is more than a fad, it's a way for them to express their creativity and individuality. For others, it's a way to connect with the fascinating past.

Suppose you’d like to connect with UT’s victorious history through classic vintage wear. Or suppose you’re an alum who’s lived through the story and you want to show off your alma mater through nostalgic fashion. In that case, our collection of UT vintage apparel will impress you.


We’ve rounded up four retro looks that will help you rock your UT throwback gear with style.

1 - Elevate Your Denim Jeans With Vintage UT Shirts

woman dressed in UT vintage shirt and denim jeans

Denim jeans are a closet staple. They’re what people grab for a casual, yet reliable look.

Yet did you know that when styled properly, you can transform your jeans into stylish vintage wear?

Here are some vintage UT tees you can pair with your favorite acid-washed jeans for a retro look.

Inspired University Hall Shirt

University Hall Shirt

If you’re into architecture and hand illustrated shirt designs and looking for a retro tee with graphics that spark your Toledo memories, this shirt is right up your alley.

This history-filled shirt features the iconic University Hall—the UT campus’ first building, built in 1931. The screen-printed graphics are an accurate representation of the grand Collegiate Gothic architecture of the hall, complete with the 205-ft Bell tower.

You’ll love the distressed look of the shirt, which we achieve by using:

  • Serif font for the typography to give it a traditional, authentic feel
  • A monochromatic, faded print to mimic a well-worn look
  • Tri-blend fabric (cotton, polyester, and rayon) for a soft-hand feel

The shirt is unisex and comes in eight sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL.

Here’s what one customer thinks of her U Hall shirt:


U of Toledo Vintage Rockets Shirt

U of Toledo Vintage Rockets Shirt

You’ve heard of the Toledo Rockets' past victories, and the story of how they got their nickname fills you with admiration—you’re a die-hard fan.

This sports shirt with a vintage Toledo Rockets logo will show your unwavering support at the next game you attend.

The shirt’s fabric is made from a blend of poly, cotton, and rayon, making it light and breathable, perfect for a sporty afternoon spent cheering.

Its faded gray color combined with vintage graphics gives it a broken-in look to match your retro style.

Furthermore, the shirt is unisex and comes in eight sizes, from XS to 4XL, so you’re sure to find the right fit.

Wondering how we screen print vintage shirts to achieve such an authentic look? We don’t use an underbase (white ink printed as a base) to give the print a faded, well-worn look.

We also use an ink reducer which thins the ink and adds to the distressed, soft-hand feel of the shirt.

Here’s a video showing the screen printing process of our vintage shirts:

2 - Go All Out With Eccentric Tie-Dye Toledo Outfits

Hippies revolutionized the conservative fashion scene of the 1960s with colorful tie-dye outfits that expressed freedom and creativity. The trend included vibrant psychedelic handmade designs accessorized with flowers and rainbow beaded necklaces.

Check out these vibrant tie-dye UT outfits.

Timeless Toledo Rockets Tie Dye Sweatsuit

woman wearing tie-dye Toledo Rockets sweatsuit

If you’d like to tap into the free-spirited, hippie style while showing your loyalty to the legendary Rockets, you’ll love these tie-dye Toledo Rockets Sweatsuits.

The sweatsuit’s fabric is a poly-cotton blend that makes it:

  • Super soft, breathable, and comfy for everyday wear
  • Shrinkage-free meaning it will maintain its structure even after many washes
  • Able to absorb the pigment better to give it a vibrant look

The unisex sweatshirt comes in seven sizes, from XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL, while the pants come in six sizes, from XS to 2XL.

You don’t have to buy the whole suit either. You can get the sweatshirt or sweatpants separately and style them with your existing vintage outfits for a 1960s throwback look.

Summertime UT Tie Dye Crop Top

white tie-dye crop top with graphics

If you’re in love with the tie-dye look, but it’s too hot for sweatsuits, you’ll love this vibrant UT tie-dye crop top.

Wearing your school colors is a great way to show your alum pride and this vibrant crop top declares your love for UT’s midnight blue and gold in bold, colorful font, so everybody knows where you stand.

The splashes of yellow on the white cotton shirt, the old cursive typography, and the subtle rocket image blend to give it a retro vibe.

The shirt comes in five sizes: XS, small, medium, large, and XL.
You can also pair the crop top with shorts for a fun summer look.

3 - Accessorize With Vintage-Inspired Enamel Pins

hat decorated with vintage enamel pins

The history of enamel pins is tied to war and victory.

During the Revolutionary War, soldiers in the same unit wore identical pins to signify loyalty and create a sense of brotherhood. Meanwhile, families wore sentimental pins to show love and support for their loved ones in the military.

Although enamel pins have evolved from military insignia to fashion accessories, their use as a symbol of identity and solidarity hasn’t waned.

If you’d like to show your affiliation to UT while expressing your personal style using vintage accessories, you’ll love our unique enamel pins.

Here are two enamel pins to spruce up your look:

Jupmode Vintage Enamel Pin Description
“You will do better in Toledo”

vintage enamel pin

Display your Toledo pride with this bold pin that features the city’s 109-year-old slogan
“Toledo is for lovers”

colorful Toledo enamel pin

Spread the love for the Glass City and home to UT with this colorful enamel pin

Styling Tip: There are no rules with wearing enamel pins. Pin it on your favorite denim jacket, hat, or a tote bag for a retro look. 

4 - Crown Your Look With the Toledo Corduroy Hat

man wearing a Toledo corduroy hat

The 1970s fashion scene was flooded with corduroy: wide-legged corduroy pants, fancy corded skirts, full-corded suits, and laid-back corduroy hats were a common sight.

And as expected of trends, corduroy eventually became outdated and was replaced with spandex tights and leather jackets in the 1980s. But for vintage lovers, corduroy’s soft and warm fabric is still a go-to, especially when you want to make a fashion statement without catching a cold in the fall.

If you’re looking for a throwback piece to top off your UT apparel and match your retro style, this Toledo corduroy hat will delight you.

The blue corded snapback is accented with a red admiral string for a classic look. But what would really draw a Toledoan to it is the attractive typography of the old city’s theme song, “We’re Strong for Toledo” which used to be sung at UT football games.

Get Your Vintage University of Toledo Apparel From Jupmode

We share your Toledo pride.

Jupmode is located in Toledo City and UT is our hometown school. We’ve witnessed UT’s growth, cheered for the victories, and told its story through our high-quality vintage apparel.

Not only are we officially licensed by UT, we also have several UT alums on our team whose first-hand experiences bring originality to our designs.

Order from our online store, or if you’re around campus, head over to our store at Cricket West or our headquarters at Adams Street for authentic vintage outfits.

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