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There is no such thing as too much Toledo Pride! Check out the brand new Toledo Shirt Club. Learn more!
Check out the Toledo Shirt Club. Learn more!

Toledo Lite Shirt

$ 24.00

Miller Lite owes us a cold one. Back in the 60s, Meister Brau Lite was brewed at the Buckeye Beer Plant in Toledo, Ohio. Eventually, Miller bought the rights to both Buckeye Beer and Meister Brau Lite in 1972 and the beer was renamed Miller Lite. Toledoans should feel a special pride while tossing back a Miller Lite. In a way, we sort of own it. Wear this soft, tri-blend shirt and divulge the information you learned in this product description to all nearby drinkers.


  • Poly/Cotton/Rayon tri-blend Athletic Gray t-shirt
  • Ultra soft unisex fitted t-shirt
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