You know you're from the Midwest when...

by Molly Joyce


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Ope! We sure do love the Midwest.

There are a lot of good reasons to love your home in the Midwest. 

Let me just squeeze right past ya and I'll tell you why the Midwest is Best. 

It's pop! Not soda. Not coke.

this is pop t-shirt midwesterner t-shirt

Just pop! Be careful when you bring this topic up with non-Midwesterners. The debate can quickly get heated. Proceed with caution and stay strong! (If you feel the same, you'll love this t-shirt).

Great Lakes = Great Times

woman wearing a light blue great lakes great times shirt

Don't believe me? Wear this t-shirt to the great lakes and see how many people agree! We will take fresh water over salt water any day because a day at the lake will refresh you more than an ocean ever could. 

Puppy chow is the best snack.

shirt with text 'pass the puppy chow' laid flat with a bowl of puppy chow next to it

Seriously, can you get a better combination of peanut butter and chocolate? Watch out Reece's, we are passing the puppy chow

50 degrees is shorts weather

Really. When the sun is out and the temperatures start to rise, you can count on Midwesterners to show up in their summer attire!

Bonus points go to all the dads who wear their Hawaiian shirts to top off their outfits. And if you're in a bowling league, you probably wear cargo shorts or jean shorts all year round. 

We get all four seasons. Sometimes in the same day!

While we don't always love this, we wouldn't trade it. There is nothing like a hot summer that turns into a colorful, crisp fall that changes into a snowy Christmas with spring patiently waiting for us on the other side. 

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