New (Vintage) Hoodie Alert!

by Lauren Broadbent

We've decided to turn some of our beloved vintage tees into hoodies for the upcoming Holiday season. You can now purchase our Major Magic's All Star Pizza RevueVintage Metroparks Toledo, and Lion Store design in hoodie form!

Wear your favorite memories of these Toledo hallmarks even in the coldest of weather. 

Pizza! Games! Fun! You might remember Major Magics if you were a kid growing up in Toledo. From birthday parties to all out fun no matter what the day, take your memories of Major Magics with you in this hoodie and feel as magical as the revue once made you feel. 

The Toledo Metroparks are celebrating 92 years of nature, refuge and providing the Toledo community with a perfect outdoors experience. Experience our metroparks in this snug hoodie, perfect for anything from holiday bird-watching to scavenger hunts to cold weather campfires. 

The famous and historic Lion Store will always be a Toledo staple. With stores in practically every region of Northwest Ohio, lions were everywhere! We hope to bring back some nostalgic and vintage Lion Store-style for you to enjoy this holiday season. 

Find all three of these limited edition hoodies here and have a happy and vintage Holidays in T-Town!


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