Toledo's Iconic Hot Dog Spot, Now on Your Shirt: 3 Tony Packo Designs

by John Amato

You've definitely heard of Toledo's iconic hot dog spot, Tony Packo's.

Early on when we got started making shirts for places that make Toledo famous, Tony Packo's was one of the first that we knew we had to work with.

The Tony Packo's name is one of the very few from Toledo that are renowned the world over. The notoriety, created mostly from the hit TV Show M*A*S*H, is well deserved and a point of pride for Toledoans. 

Tony Packo's is the place that celebrities and politicians visit when they come to town, the restaurant that your uncle must visit on his trip back home, and the place most likely to run into an Australian in Toledo.

This post is an opportunity to highlight the history of Tony Packo's that makes it so special alongside some of our vintage shirts that celebrate Toledo's most famous restauarant:

  • President Jimmy Carter’s spicy connection with Tony Packo’s
  • How Tony Packo shirt designs transcend generational boundaries
  • The best place to find Tony Packo designs
  • More fun designs from Jupmode to help you celebrate Tony Packo’s Toledo origins

But first, the inspiring origin story of Tony Packo’s.

History of Tony Packo's

They’re called the silent generation for a reason and you can’t blame them. Anyone would be taken aback after experiencing a Great Depression and World War II in quick succession.

However, during these difficult moments, the resilient story of Tony Packo begins.

Tony and his wife, Rose, armed with a hard-found $100 loan from relatives, opened up an ice cream and sandwich shop in the Toledo area of Consaul.

His trade secret? A spicy chili sauce and a Hungarian sausage called Kolbasz.

Immediately, word spread around the American-Hungarian neighborhood of Consaul and Tony Packo’s Restaurant gained an instant following.

Generations later and the establishment is now a city pride landmark and a treasure trove of pleasant memories for Toledo locals and tourists alike.

One of the main attractions at Tony Packo's is its walls. They feature local legends who left their mark by signing their name or leaving a message on (you guessed it) a hot dog bun.

These include celebrities such as Burt Reynolds and Mr. T and even the crew of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program.

One of their most famous signed bun belongs to the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, which is a testament to the national status of Tony Packo’s.

Explore the eclectic collection of signatures on Tony Packo's buns, from Hollywood celebrities to rock legends, each contributing to the restaurant's unique charm and worldwide recognition.

Celebrity Date Signed Notable Quote Connection to Tony Packo's
Burt Reynolds 1972 "The best damn hot dog in town!" Popularized the autographed bun tradition
Jamie Farr 1981 "Even better than Klinger's dresses!" Toledo native, referenced Packo's on "MAS*H"
Klinger's Dresses 1995 "We dress up hot dogs too!" Fictional reference on "MAS*H" tied to Farr
KISS 2003 "Rock and Roll All Nite Dogs!" Iconic rock band connection and enthusiasm
Muhammad Ali 2005 "Float like a hot dog, sting like a bun!" Legendary boxer's playful signature

To help you showcase your love for Toledo’s most famous restaurant, Jupmode notably offers three unique shirt designs that are sure to excite your taste.

1 - Tony Packo’s Hungarian Hot Dog Shirt

Tony Packo's Hungarian Hot Dog Shirt from Jupmode

Number one on our list is the Tony Packo's Hungarian Hot Dog Shirt.

It's first on our list for a couple reasons. To start, it's a special one for us because it was the first design we released for Tony Packo's. 

Second, we just love the design. It's based on an old placemat that Tony Packo's used back in the 1970s. It's got the hotdog man, a map showing the restaurant location, and the storefront. What's not to love?!

This shirt serves as a perfect embodiment of the history of this lasting establishment because it appeals to both older and newer generations. 

2 - Love at First Bite Tony Packo’s Shirt

Love at First Bite Tony Packo's Shirt

Next in line within the Jupmode foodie fashion line is the light-hearted Love at First Bite Tony Packo's Shirt.

This shirt builds upon the vintage charm of the Tony Packo’s Hungarian Hot Dog shirt but incorporates a more updated, vintage look.

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This playful approach to design continues with a bright hotdog logo, love heart emojis, and bold dark fonts with the quirky catchphrase “Love at First Bite.” The graphics encapsulate the spirit of Tony Packo's in a chic and fun manner that anyone can relate to including friends and family.

"As always from Jupmode, excellent quality, super soft, and great design. Medium fits great. Definitely have gotten some laughs at the grocery store from this."

Justin B., Verified Buyer, United States

This makes the Love at First Bite Shirt an excellent gift for their next visit to the iconic Tony Packo’s restaurant. 

3 - Tony Packo’s East Toledo Vintage Shirt

Tony Packo's East Toledo Vintage Shirt

Third in line in Jupmode’s popular Packo collection is the traditional Tony Packo's East Toledo Vintage Shirt.

This local tee is more of a cultural clothing item that celebrates East Toledo’s status as the original home of the now-famous establishment.

It even bears the caption "Home of the Original Hungarian Hot Dog, Corner of Front and Consaul St., East Toledo, Ohio.

This makes this shirt the perfect Toledo tee to gift a local to remind them of home and what makes East Toledo so special.

Embrace your Toledo roots with this iconic Tony Packo shirt.

An Extra Benefit of Tony Packo Designs, Community

Being part of a community evokes a sense of togetherness and shared identity that makes life exciting and fulfilling. Community adds to your quality of life by enabling engagement with people who share your experiences and interests, such as a love for Toledo.

That's why we make shirts to remind you of your favorite people and places in Toledo. Our nostalgic, historical Toledo designs evoke nostalgia and create connections with people who share the same connection to Toledo as you.

In addition to building community through our retro shirts, we also have a line of Toledo Community Shirts. Proceeds from each Community Shirt sale are donated to a local organization that is making a positive impact in Northwest Ohio!

More Shirt Designs to Celebrate Your Toledo Origins

We’ve just looked at three exciting Tony Packo Designs that showcase your undisputed love for favorite Hungarian eatert. But what would Tony Packo’s be without its inspiring Toledo origins, right?

Fortunately, Jupmode offers plenty of stylish options to help you celebrate Toledo, the home of Corporal Klinger. Here are two of our favorites and why we think you’ll love them.

Toledo Red Script Shirts

orange Toledo Red script Shirt

The vibrant yellow-orange Toledo Red Script Shirt is an eye-catching piece that exudes retro vibes. 

The greatness of this shirt is in its simplicity. Printed on a soft and comfy triblend shirt, it uses complimentary colors and an elegant hand drawn design to complete a fun retro Toledo shirt.

"Their T-shirts are super soft and do not shrink. We love how durable they are ( and the messages of local pride)."

Anonymous, Verified Buyer, United States

Metroparks Toledo Vintage Shirt

metroparks toledo 

Another classic design from Jupmode is the vintage Metroparks Toledo Logo Shirt.

When someone asks you what you love about Toledo, odds are that the Toledo Metroparks are on that list. 

There's a good reason for that. They have parks throughout the county that are the perfect outdoor escape and their new Glass City Metropark with the Ribbon skating trail has quickly become their most popular park.

Our Metroparks Toledo clothing is the perfect way to show your love for our local parks.  

Partner With Jupmode for a Unique Shirt Gift Idea

So there you have it, three iconic Tony Packo Designs to help you celebrate Toledo’s iconic hot dog spot and engage with your local Toledo community, but why stop there?

Why not create your own unique style shirt and gift your fellow Toledoans for your next community outreach and meet-up?

Whether it’s a fundraiser or a simple get-together, the dedicated team at Jupmode is eager to help you design and print custom graphics for higher community engagement.

We’ll help you figure out:

  • The best color palette for your event
  • The right messaging
  • The best garment material to use

So contact us today and tell us about your idea. We’re eager to join forces and create something special.

Watch our fun "A day in the life of a new team member at Jupmode" video:


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