Toledo's New City Flag

by Molly Joyce

Toledo City Flag t-shirt, snapback hat, and stickers

Tomorrow is a big day for the city of Toledo! A new city flag has been proposed and Toledo City Council will be voting on whether or not to adopt the flag in their meeting tomorrow afternoon.

To support the flag and everything it represents, we have three new releases, a Toledo flag t-shirt, a hat, and stickers!

Plus, to make it extra special, our city flag shirt and hat are each priced at $18.37 for a limited time to celebrate Toledo’s establishment in Ohio back in 1837.

Excitement for the New Toledo Flag! 

The JupCrew wearing their shirts in support of new city of Toledo flag

As a small business in Toledo, we are excited about what this flag represents for our city.  From the literal sense, the  Spark on the flag represents the hard work the people of Toledo put into every facet of our city’s industry. The blue triangle represents the Maumee River. And the most exciting aspect to us is the white triangle representing the potential and opportunities Toledo has ahead. 

We feel so lucky to be a part of the city of Toledo and the community here. When we think about the future of Toledo, we see the revitalization and vibrancy ahead. Our city is ever-changing for the better and we have to continue to grow and change with it. This flag is a great way to represent the changes happening and a way for us to rally with our city.

What Does the Toledo Flag Represent?

Toledo City Flag Meaning and Symbolism

Design: The flag is divided diagonally from the lower-hoist side corner to the upper fly-side corner. The upper triangular field is white and the lower triangular field is bright blue. An eight-pointed solid golden-yellow star is positioned on the hoist side of the upper triangular field.

Symbolism: The diagonal shared between the two triangular fields represents the path of our greatest natural asset, the Maumee River, as it flows through the City of Toledo and into Lake Erie. The diagonal follows a positive, upward direction, illustrating Toledo’s forward momentum. The upper triangular field is depicted in white, representing Toledo’s limitless ambitions and opportunities. The lower triangular field is depicted in bright blue, representing Toledo’s precious water resources, vibrancy, and optimism. The diagonally divided fields allude to a maritime signal flag, symbolizing Toledo’s place as a port city in the Great Lakes region.

The eight pointed star shall be called the “Spark of Industry,” named after Toledo’s historic first settlement, Fort Industry. As a whole, the Spark of Industry exemplifies the hard work and pioneering spirit of the people of Toledo. Each of the eight points represents a facet of industry that has shaped the City of Toledo. These include our historic, legacy industries, such as Agriculture, Automotive, Glass, and Transportation. They also include our modern, rising industries, such as the Arts, Education, Energy, and Healthcare. The Spark of Industry is depicted in golden-yellow, representing the vivid glow of hot glass, and Toledo’s reputation as the Glass Capital of the World. The Spark of Industry is positioned in the northwestern corner of the flag, depicting Toledo’s home in Northwest Ohio.

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