The latest in spring edition! [Dog bandanas and collars]

by Molly Joyce

You may love getting outside with your dog, but let me tell ya, if you live in the Midwest, there is nothing better than taking your dog on walks at the first hint of spring!

You already know that we love dogs at Jupmode. And we want you and your best friends to be ready for these early spring walks. 

Check out our new spring fashion for your pups! 

Midwest Explorer Dog Bandana 

Midwest Explorer Dog Bandana

Are your pups down for adventures? Do they love long walks, road trips, and visiting any place they can catch some fun new scents? 

Sounds like your pup is a Midwest Explorer! 

Grab your furry travel buddy and this bandana and get ready for your next adventure in Midwest style! 

Ohio Dog Collar 

Ohio Dog Collar

Let your dogs rep the Buckeye State proudly with our newest Ohio Dog Collar! Cooper here gives this collar five stars for comfort and style! 

Great Lakes Great Dogs Bandana 

Great Lakes Great Dogs Bandana

Great Lakes. Great Times. And most importantly, great dog! You and your dog are sure to be the greatest dynamic duo in your matching Great Lakes apparel! 

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