Tell me you're from the Midwest without telling me you're from the Midwest

by Molly Joyce


Tell us everything Midwesterners do! ##midwest ##tellmewithouttellingme ##tellme ##fyp ##fypシ ##midwestern

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What does it mean to be from the Midwest?

We've had a lot of fun on TikTok over the last year. One of our favorite video styles is 'tell me you're .... without telling me your ...'.

We decided to make our own fun Midwesterner version and asked people to tell us they're from the Midwest without telling us they're from the Midwest. 

While there are a lot of great potential answers, the first thing that came to our mind when given this prompt was that it's pop, not soda!

We feel strongly about this but our auto operator Ashely is from North Carolina and she's team soda! We'll let her family back home decide how her new Midwest accent sounds!

What makes you a Midwesterner?

We had fun engaging with our followers and wanted to share some "just Midwest things" with you.

When we put the call out, here is where some of the comments led us:

  • Puppy chow is the best snack 
  • Pop vs. soda debates become intense very quickly 
  • Ope sorry is one of the most used Midwest phrases
  • Ope gonna just sneak right past ya! (probably to get the ranch dressing) 
  • You betchya! Is the correct way to say yes.

There are a lot of great things to love about being from the Midwest. Share your favorite Midwest qualities in the comments!


  • Comment Author: Aj

    Euchre. Everyone from grandma to rebellious teenagers played euchre.

  • Comment Author: Mary Kay

    Better Made chips are the best chips…period!

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