Teacher Appreciation Day (Gifts for Teachers)

by Molly Joyce

To the teachers and school employees who worked so hard through a very tough school year, who pressed on and educated through all of the obstacles: THANK YOU! 

We have a lot of respect for all teachers. Their role is so important to the community. Few people work as hard as they do with as little recognition. 

To show our admiration, we have created some fun, supportive teacher shirts. 

Teachers and faculty, if you present your Teacher or School ID at checkout in either store location, you'll receive 20% off our Teacher t-shirts during teacher appreciation week. If you prefer to shop on jupmode.com, please email a photo of your Teacher ID to Retail@jupmode.com and you'll receive an email with a promo code within one business day for 20% off your teacher t-shirts to use on the website.

Thank you, teachers and school staff!

Through It All, I Educated 

Through It All, I Educated Shirt | Teacher Appreciation Shirt

We made this shirt to acknowledge the resilience and dedication of our teachers and school employees. The last few years have been tough on everyone. School had been more turbulent than most places. 

There has been a lot of changes, uncertainty, anxiety, and frustration. But through it all, you educated. And for that, we're grateful.

It's truly remarkable how hard everyone in the local school systems worked. 

The Most Deserved Summer Break 2021

The 2020-2021 was a heck of a school year!

Congratulations on closing out a very challenging school year. To pay tribute to the most deserved summer break we created this tee that pairs well with relaxation and taking it easy!

Teachers are Strong

teachers are strong shirt

To all of the teachers out there preparing the best you can for the school year, we see you. Our Teachers Are Strong shirt is a message of encouragement as well as a way to honor your hard work, dedication, and strength always, but especially in these unprecedented times. 

Custom Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts

custom shirts teacher appreciation week

Teacher Appreciation Week is a fun week at the end of the school year for teachers and staff to celebrate the successes of their school year. It's a long, hard earned nine months. 

You can see in the photo above that we printed shirts for all of the teachers at Fort Meigs Elementary in Perrysburg. It's a fun, easy way for them to show school spirit, celebrate their successes, and display pride and unity in what they've accomplished together. 

Custom school spirit shirts are a fun, easy, and affordable way to thank your teachers. It's a gift that can be worn for years, and, if the right shirt is chosen, teachers will want to wear it. 

Need an end of the school year gift? Show your teachers and school staff some extra gratitude this year with a comfy t-shirts that show how awesome they are.

Bulk custom shirt orders is what we do. If you're looking for a way to show your teaching staff your appreciation, reach out to us today and we can help you with a custom shirt order to do just that.  

Not sure what to gift your teachers? 

Have no fear! Our team is here to help YOU!

Our expert sales reps will be able to help you figure out the best gifts for your teachers. From t-shirts to quarter zips and other apparel, to tote bags, lunch boxes, and drinkware and more, our team knows the best products to help your teachers feel appreciated for all of their hard work. 

Email us at info@jupmode.com and a member of the JupCrew will help get your order started!

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3-7! Now is the time to order custom apparel and gifts to celebrate your teachers.


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