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Superman ice cream t-shirt (Michigan is Super)

Superman ice cream t-shirt (Michigan is Super)

woman wearing a michigan is super shirt with an ice cream cone on it while holding an ice cream cone


Flashback to your Michigan summer vacation. It's a hot day and after enjoying all of the Northern outdoor activities, you and your family are ready to cool down with a Michigan treat.

You find the nearest ice cream shop and look for the most fun flavor...and there it is, Superman!

You can hardly wait to get a cone of this colorful, flavorful ice cream. You eat it so fast that there isn't even time to let the ice cream melt!

For those not from Michigan, it might be a surprise to learn that Superman flavor ice cream is a regional flavor.

But if you're from the Mitten State, you know how lucky you to have a childhood filled with memories of hot summer days with pink, yellow, and blue ice cream dripping down your hand.

Now you can wear your pride for Michigan and your favorite ice cream all summer long!

Our Michigan is Super shirt is printed on a soft, white, triblend t-shirt. The bright colors and subtle state of Michigan and Great Lakes silhouette are sure to be appreciated by everyone up north.

Rep your favorite Michigan ice cream with this Michigan is Super t-shirt available in our Toledo, Ohio retail stores or online at!

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John Amato launched Jupmode with a single shirt idea - the Jim Tressel Sweater Vest T-Shirt. He brings his dog Penny to work with him nearly every day, is an avid gardener and sourdough bread baker, and loves to spend his time outside of work with his family. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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