Screen printed t-shirts for a local crossfit gym (Fitness T-Shirts)

by john amato

woman smiling and holding a kettlebell over her head while wearing a shirt that says crossfit vibes

We screen printed these vintage t-shirts and tank tops for Fort Meigs Crossfit, a crossfit gym in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Fort Meigs Crossfit has trusted us with their screen printing and embroidery for many years. The apparel that we've decorated for them is both for employees to wear while working and gym members to purchase to show their support for a local business that they love. 

We screen printed this vintage inspired 'Crossfit Vibes' logo on soft, comfy tees and tanks. Fort Meigs Crossfit is always doing a great job creating fun, trendy designs that people love to wear. 

T-shirts and tank tops are a great promotional item because they get so much use. The more a shirt is worn, the more your brand is seen. And a soft, fun, cool t-shirt is going to be worn more than a boring, thick t-shirt.

two women smiling in a crossfit gym while wearing matching shirts that say crossfit vibes

Custom t-shirts and tank tops are a great way for local businesses to promote their brand and allow their customers and fans to show support. They promote and build community and culture and foster a connection between everyone who has one. 

Jupmode has been screen printing custom apparel for local businesses for nearly ten years. We have the expertise to know how to make your brand look good and keep your employees safe.

Reach out to us today to help with your order of safety apparel for your company.

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