Skate Shirts: Ohio Skate and Swanton Coliseum Roller Skate T-Shirts

by John Amato

Set the scene of your roller skate memories, from the 1970's to today, in our vintage roller skate shirts! 

While roller skates may not be as popular anymore, we know the memories and fun times associated with your favorite roller skating rink will always be in style. 

We know that back in the day roller skating was popular all over the country. While you don't see as many skate rinks as you used to, our TikTok FYP proves that it's just as cool as ever. 

Like most regions, the skate scene in Northwest Ohio was much bigger 20 years ago than it is today. There were active skate rinks throughout the greater Toledo area that unfortunately haven't survived. 

We'd love to make shirts to pay tribute to all of those places because of the memories that were made there. For now, we get to commemorate two well loved Ohio skate rinks - Ohio Skate and the Swanton Coliseum. 

Vintage Ohio Skate Shirt

ohio skate shirt

The year is 1996. The school is buzzing with excitement because there's only one place to be tonight: Ohio Skate!

Grab your coolest outfit, your friends, and your skates. Maybe you'll even have the courage to ask your school crush if they'll skate a lap around the rink holding your hand for a couple skate.

The nostalgia doesn't get much better than Ohio Skate. The carpeted floors, the big clunky skates, the walls of lockers, couple skate, spin the pin. For those who grew up going to Ohio Skate, there are so many fond memories associated with the place.

The design for this shirt features Ohio Skate's retro logo screen printed in gold and maroon on a soft heather gray triblend tee. 

Let's Couple Skate Shirt

couple skate shirt

You're carpooling with your friends to the coolest place there is, Ohio Skate!

You're wearing your best outfit, rent a pair of skates, and hit the rink just in time for a CoUpLe SkAtE! Your crush asks you to skate a lap and tonight is the best night ever!

Maybe at the time couple skate made you a little anxious. Hey, you were young and figuring out who you were. There was a lot of pressure on who you skated with. 

But also, maybe, that's why the memories of couple skate stick with you. 

Hop back into your skates and put a positive spin on those moments from long ago with this retro couple skate tee. It's available in Ohio Skate's vintage colors and you won't find a more classic roller skate shirt out there!

Swanton Coliseum Roller Skate Shirt

roller skate shirt swanton coliseum

Roller skating was a beloved social tradition in the 70s, 80s, and 90s all across the United States. 

For those that grew up in Northwest Ohio, there was no shortage of rolling skating rinks. Of course there was the aforementioned Ohio Skate, but if you grew up in Oregon you had the Fun Spot and Swanton had the Coliseum.

The Swanton Coliseum was, for sixty years, the perfect place to spend a Saturday with family or friends. Some of us have a connection to the newer orange exterior with bold text, others stay true to the purple exterior and neon sign, but we all remember the awesome retro street sign featuring the roller skating text. 

This vintage rolling skating shirt features the Coliseum's original hand painted logo that was on their building and is printed on a soft, triblend shirt. It's so soft it's almost as if you bought this in 1988 and have been wearing it ever since. 

Relive your favorite rolling skating memories or gift the good times to your friends with our new skate shirts! Order them online or find them at our retail store locations.


  • Comment Author: joe eich

    where can i go to roller skate in swanton

  • Comment Author: Sherry hughes

    How about a fun spot shirtor Walbridge Skating Rink? My parents met at Walbridge in the 50s

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