Red Crew Neck: 5 Best Red Sweatshirts

by john amato

We know there are a lot of great crew neck colors to choose from. Black is trendy, you can't go wrong with white and grey, but for our money, there is nothing better than a red crew neck sweatshirt. 

That might have to do with the fact that red is such a strong, bright color which is commonly among the top favorite colors in the world. More likely, however, is our inherent and sometimes even congenital loyalty towards the scarlet and gray. 

That's right, we're saying that we love the color red because we are in the Buckeye State and are Ohio State Buckeye fans. It's part of who we are and ingrained in everything we do. 

We know, that's a bold and somewhat unusual claim. But hey, if you grew up wearing red OSU crew sweatshirts and t-shirts your entire childhood, you would feel the same way.

If you're not from Ohio and skeptical of this, our hunch is we're not alone. Look at the rest of the Midwest. In addition to Ohio State, you have Indiana, Wisconsin, and Nebraska who all boast red as an official school color. It's hard not to recognize the impact this has on clothing preferences. 

Our inclination towards red crew necks is obvious in our retail line. That, mixed with our experience printing and embroidering custom crew necks for other people makes us something of an expert in the field of crew sweatshirts. 

Without further ado, here our our five favorite red crew neck sweatshirts.

Independent Trading Pigment Dyed Crew Neck

red ohio crew neck sweatshirt

We just can't get enough of this pigment dyed crew neck from Independent Trading. It's our most popular sweatshirt by far. It's part of our line as our Ohioan embroidered crew and we receive requests to custom print and embroider it on a regular basis.

And what's not to love? You can wear it oversized or true to size, the dyeing process makes the sweatshirt feel soft from day one, and it's versatile enough to be worn on summer nights at the beach and during a Midwestern winter.

Although this color is technically pigment maroon, don't let that official title confuse you, this crew is red through and through. That's why we use it on so many Ohio designs and for schools whose official color is red. 

If you're looking for a red crew that is comfortable, cute, and well loved, look no further than the Independent PRM3500.

But don't just take it from us, here's a review from one of our customers about the Ohioan embroidered crew:

"I am obsessed with this sweatshirt. I recently moved to the west coast and I wanted something to wear to channel my Midwest roots! It is the cutest, softest sweatshirt, and I get compliments on it all the time. Granted, no one here knows where Ohio is, but still, a compliment is a compliment. It fits TTS (I'm 5'2", 110 lbs. and I got an XS), and it's kind of like an already worn-in Comfort Colors material. It's awesome, you won't regret."- Katie

Here are a few more details about this red crew neck: 

  • Pigment-dyed, and the process embellishes each shirt with its own unique character
  • An 80-to-20 cotton-polyester blend provides a soft, comfy fabric feel, but expect some color variance after washing
  • This sweatshirt should be washed in cold water to stop the dye pigment from staining during the wash cycle

Alternative Apparel Champ Eco-Fleece Crew

red panda crew neck sweatshirt

Our history with this red fleece crew neck goes way back. In fact, it was the first crew neck we used for our brand. You can see it above with our Toledo Zoo Panda print on it. 

There are so many great features to this crew sweatshirt. The thing that stands out the most is just how soft it is. We don't think you're going to find a sweatshirt that feels better to wear than this one. It's the single compliment we hear most about the Alternative Apparel eco-fleece.

This crew sweatshirt is a bright red with a slight heathering due to the blended material that makes it up. This look gives it a vintage look to go with it's comfy, well worn feel. 

The sad news to report about this garment is that the eco-fleece material has been in limited supply over the last year. But you can bet that when it's back in stock, we'll be printing a lot of these. 

Here are a few more details about this red eco-fleece crew neck: 

  • Eco-fleece material contains organic and recycled material
  • A 50/46/4 polyester/cotton/rayon provides a super soft, comfy fleece fabric feel, but expect some color variance after washing
  • This sweatshirt should be washed in cold water to retain the color and prevent the fleece material from shrinking 

Gildan Heavy Blend Crew Sweatshirt

gildan red crew neck sweatshirt

If there's a more popular red crew neck sweatshirt on the planet, we don't know what it is. Gildan is the largest manufacturer of clothing for custom decoration industry in the world. 

So it shouldn't be a surprise that we see them so often. 

The Gildan Heavy Blend sweatshirt is a 50/50 cotton/poly blend that fits true to size. It's your standard, tried and true crew sweatshirt and the solid red color really pops. While Gildan is a very economical choice when it comes to crew necks, it's a very well constructed, quality fabric.

This crew neck is very popular among major clothing and apparel brands. We'd be willing to bet you've seen a Gildan tag inside the neck on your favorite streetwear brands. 

Here are a few more details about this red cotton and polyester crew neck: 

  • Heavy Blend material fits true to size
  • A 50/50 cotton/polyester blend comes in at 8 oz/yd and provides a classic fit and feel 
  • This sweatshirt should be washed in cold water to retain the color and prevent the material from shrinking 

Champion Powerblend Crew Sweatshirt 

champion red crew neck

Is there a more popular brand right now than Champion? We think not. 

It's no surprise that we've seen a resurgence in requests to print custom designs on Champion brand crew sweatshirt. Quality never goes out of style. And that's exactly what Champion offers and everyone knows it.

This red crew neck is officially described as scarlet. While that might simply be semantics to most people, Ohio State fans know that it's the best shade of red. 

Your search for a well built, long lasting crew sweatshirt ends with this Champion crew neck. It's a little heavier, fits true to size, and keeps you warm in any weather. 

Here are a few more details about this red cotton and polyester crew neck: 

  • Powerblend material fits true to size
  • A 50/50 cotton/polyester blend comes in at 9 oz/yd and provides a little extra warmth with a classic fit and feel
  • This sweatshirt should be washed in cold water to retain the color and prevent the material from shrinking 

Bayside USA Made Crew Sweatshirt

bayside usa made red crew neck

This list of best red crew neck sweatshirts wouldn't be complete without this USA made crew from Bayside. When we talked about the best American made shirts, Bayside was at the top of this list. 

That quality and consistency translates to their sweatshirts as well. 

They are perfect for custom designs. They fit well, are made of thick, heavyweight material, and, this is especially important for screen printers like us, they print really well. 

Supporting American manufacturers is important to us. It's easy to do that when a company provides the ethical standards and quality that Bayside does. 

You won't be disappointed with this red crew. 

Here are a few more details about this red cotton and polyester crew neck: 

  • Heavyweight material is preshrunk and fits true to size
  • An 80/20 cotton/polyester blend comes in at 9.5 oz/yd with a classic fit and feel and is entirely made in the USA
  • This sweatshirt should be washed in cold water to retain the color and prevent the material from shrinking 

Design Your Custom Red Crew Neck

This is a short list of what we think are the best red crew necks on the market. We use some of them in our retail brand and print all of them for our clients who want to put their brand on clothing for their employees and customers to wear. 

No matter what your need is, you'll find a great sweatshirt option from the choices above. 

Our primary business is helping people bring their apparel ideas to life and making the process as easy as possible. From design to print to delivery, we help you every step of the way. 

If you’d like to have your very own embroidered or screen printed custom crew neck sweatshirt (it doesn't have to be red!) to promote your brand, business, or event, don’t wait to reach out to Jupmode


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