8 Timeless Ohio T-Shirt Designs Every Ohioan Should Own

by John Amato

On the eastern front of the Midwest region, there’s Ohio—beautiful, gritty, resilient Ohio.

Ohio is situated within or near the boundaries of several American geographic and cultural regions, which is why the state seems to have a bit of everything.

We’ve got the dense forests of the Northeast, the down-home vibes of the Southeast, sprawling heartland farms, and metropolitan districts that hold their own among the great East Coast cities.

At Jupmode, we’re Midwest enthusiasts, and Ohio is our home. Based in bustling Toledo on the western tip of Lake Erie, we make apparel and gifts that celebrate the culture, pride, and landscapes of America’s heartland.

Some of our creative team’s favorite t-shirt designs to work on are the ones that celebrate our beloved home state. 

Jupmode Ohio is our home

In this Ohio t-shirt buyer’s guide, let’s take a look at a few designs that:

  • Are only available from Jupmode’s website or retail stores
  • Make amazing gifts for Ohioans 
  • Display the proud Ohio Buckeye spirit

Plus, if you’re interested in receiving a new reduced-price Ohio-themed t-shirt every month, we’ll let you know how to join the Jupmode Ohio Shirt Club.

1 - The Buckeye State T-Shirt

gray and red “The Buckeye State” unisex fitted t-shirt

Ohio’s nickname, The Buckeye State, comes from the abundance of Ohio Buckeye trees. The trees themselves are named for their nuts that resemble the color and shape of a deer’s eye. Buckeyes grow well along the banks of rivers and streams, of which Ohio boasts plenty. 

Of course, when most of us think of buckeyes, it’s the red and gray of the Ohio State University Buckeyes that comes to mind. 

Whether you’re a college football fan or just a pure Ohio Buckeye enthusiast, this Buckeye State tee is for you. 

2 - Birthplace of Aviation T-Shirt

gray and black Ohio “Birthplace of Aviation” fitted t-shirt

Gift shopping for your favorite Ohio history buff? Go with this unisex fitted “Birthplace of Aviation” tee

The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, are two of Dayton, Ohio’s proudest sons. 

Although the Wright Flyer made the world’s first sustained, powered aircraft flight in windy Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, it was developed in the brothers’ hometown of Dayton. Thus, while North Carolina may be “first in flight,” Ohio will forever be the “birthplace of aviation.” 

3 - Camp Ohio T-Shirt

gray “Camp Ohio” t-shirt featuring a tent in the woods

What’s your favorite camping spot in Ohio? From the stunning waterfalls at Hocking Hills to the Appalachian Mountains foothills at Beaver Creek, Ohio is full of state parks that offer incredible settings for nights spent under the stars.

This Camp Ohio shirt depicts the serene outdoor setting we yearn for—a pitched tent next to a dense forest in the great Ohio wilderness. 

4 - You’ve Got an Ally in Ohio T-Shirt

rainbow-colored “You’ve got an ally in Ohio” t-shirt

For members and friends of Ohio’s LGBTQ community, Jupmode is proud to offer this “You’ve got an ally in Ohio” tee. Displaying pride and solidarity, this tee features rainbow lettering on an Ohio-shaped background. 

See below for a few more pride-themed shirts, or check out our Pride Apparel and Gifts collection. 

blue retro rainbow love shirt

Retro Rainbow Love Shirt

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gray “Love Above All” rainbow shirt

Retro Rainbow Love Shirt

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white T-Town Toledo rainbow shirt

T-Town Rainbow Shirt

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“It is soft, comfortable, bright, and cheerful. It was perfect for Pride Parade!”
— Anonymous, ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode T-Shirt Buyer

5 - Cardinal T-Shirt

black t-shirt featuring a bright red Northern Cardinal bird

Ohio trivia time. What’s the state bird? 

It’s the cardinal—the northern cardinal, to be precise. Cardinals are found year-round throughout the state sporting their iconic bright red plumage and pointy little punk rock mohawks of crown feathers. 

Ohio’s forests and parks offer some of the USA’s best birdwatching terrain. No species better represents the region’s wildlife than the beautiful cardinal, artistically featured on this ultra-soft fitted black Cardinal Shirt

6 - Red Ohio Pride T-Shirt

black unisex Ohio t-shirt with scarlet red block letters

If big block letters in your favorite team’s colors (go Buckeyes!) is your thing, this black and scarlet red Ohio tee is for you. 

Like most Jupmode tees, this shirt is a polyester, cotton, and rayon tri-blend, the perfect material for a fitted look that’s perfectly soft, yet stretchy. Tri-blend shirts are durable, comfy, and shrink-proof. 

If you like the simple, one-word t-shirt style, check out a few more Ohio designs below. 

red and black block letter Ohio fitted t-shirt

Red Ohio T-Shirt

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gray and red “Big Ohio” fitted t-shirt

“Big Ohio” T-Shirt

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gray and white women’s script Ohio muscle tank top

Ohio Women’s Tank

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7 - Toledo Ohio Love T-Shirt

dark gray Toledo, Ohio t-shirt with a red heart

The Toledo Ohio Love shirt is a cheerful splash of good vibes. 

Featuring bubble white letters and a big cherry red heart, this tee is full of pride and affection for your favorite city in Ohio.

8 - Ohio Smiley T-Shirt

gray t-shirt with a yellow Ohio-shaped smiley face

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. If you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show it, add this wonderful Ohio Smiley Shirt to your collection. 

With a big yellow grin beaming forth from an Ohio-shaped face, this shirt lets the world know you’re happy to be in (or from) the State of Ohio. 

If you’ve got a little Ohioan tyke in your life, this design is also available in toddler sizes

“Love love love! My absolute favorite design.”
— Robin C., ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode T-Shirt Buyer 

Ohio-Themed T-Shirts From Jupmode

If you can’t get enough Ohio swag, join the Jupmode Ohio Shirt Club. You’ll receive a new design in the mail every month. Along with free shipping, every Shirt Club tee comes with a $6 members’ discount. 

Here’s what Ohio Shirt Club members are saying:

“My kids moved to Arizona … When the Ohio Shirt Club started last year, I decided to sign up for it. They love getting a little gift from home.”
— Laura M., ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode T-Shirt Buyer

“We joined the Ohio Shirt Club when it started. We keep some shirts for ourselves and give the others as gifts. It’s easy to change shirt sizes and mailing address.”
— Anonymous, ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode T-Shirt Buyer

“Love it. Shirt of the month club is awesome.”
— Pattie, ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode T-Shirt Buyer

The Ohio Shirt Club is a great way to keep yourself fitted in new apparel while also stocking up on a continuous supply of gifts for your favorite fellow Ohioans. Check out this blog post to learn more about how the Shirt Club works. 

To view more designs that rep your favorite state, view our entire Ohio inventory. Along with tees, we’ve got sweatshirts and hoodies, socks, pants, hats, and even coffee mugs and pint glasses.

Along with our Ohio gear, we’ve got special collections for the following places and regions:

Shop online or visit one of our two retail stores in beautiful Toledo, Ohio. Our brick-and-mortar stores are located at 2022 Adams Street and 3142 Markway Road. 

Jupmode ships via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Shipped items typically arrive within 7–10 days of order placement. Shipping is free for all orders over $75.

Stop by the Jupmode blog for more Ohio- and Midwest-themed buying guides, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about our company and our products. 

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