Our Ohio and Midwest Corded Crew Sweatshirts

by john amato

Corded crew sweatshirts are our favorite new look. You want comfort, style, and something a little different. You've got it with these crews.

We always try to keep things fresh around here with new designs and styles that other brands don't offer.

From our embroidered crew sweatshirts to our chenille hoodies to our puff print crews to our felt applique crews and hoods, we are bringing you looks that no one else in Ohio is. 

Our corded crew sweatshirts are no exception.  

Ohio Corded Crew Sweatshirts

state of ohio corded crew sweatshirt

Ohio is our home state and we celebrate it every chance we get. 

Our Ohio centric designs cover everything from Lake Erie (yes, Ohio claims all of it), Toledo, the University of Toledo, and Bowling Green State University

If we haven't covered all of the great things in Ohio with these corded crew options, well, I guess we'll keep on trying. 

You can find our corded crew sweatshirts in our retail stores as well as online.

Midwest Corded Crew Sweatshirts

corded crew sweatshirt with go midwest graphic

It's a point of pride for us that when we say the Midwest is Best, we truly mean it. 

We're often overlooked here in the middle of America. That doesn't bother us so much but we want everyone else here in the Heartland to feel the same pride for their home that we do. 

Our Midwest is Best corded cropped crew was the first corded sweatshirt we released and it's still one of our best sellers. And for good reason. 

Why We Love Corded Crew Sweatshirts

corded crew sweatshirt for city of toledo

Our retail art director, Shannon, has this to say about our corded crews:

At Jupmode, we (like so many other women) can feel jaded by the clothing industry from time to time with its overwhelming amount of suppliers with unrealistic size scales and tight silhouettes.

For this reason in the retail brand we tend to stick to unisex garments. But every now and then we find a women’s garment that we’re excited about; one that brings variety to our collection, is on trend but still has a classic feel, which is exactly how we feel about our corded cropped crews.

It’s super cozy, made of 100% corded cotton, and has a relaxed wide fit with a cropped length that cuts at the hips. Don’t let the wide, cropped style scare you.

It’s not going to show midriff paired with a mid to high waisted jean, looks cute with a t-shirt layered underneath if that’s more your style, and the soft material drapes nicely on the body and isn’t stiff or clingy.

The corded cotton and garment dyed fabric gives this garment a vintage, worn in look, which only gets accentuated when adding our nostalgic collegiate prints to them. Wear this corded cropped crew to a football game, bonfire, or to curl up on the couch. We’re sure you’re going to love it.


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