New Ohio and Toledo Coffee Cups

by john amato

ohio coffee cup

If you know anything about us at Jupmode, we love good coffee. So in our business, it only comes natural that we create a lot of fun shirts and merch to celebrate our love for coffee and the great stat of Ohio!

A quick little back story on Jupmode: I met Shannon, our retail art director, while working together at Plate 21. We had a great working relationship (even though Shannon was always better at latte art than me). When it came time for me to hire employees to help with the workload, Shannon was my first hire. 

And she's been here ever since!

Shannon's creativity comes alive when she's creating products she loves about subjects she loves. If you've seen our line of coffee mugs, that shouldn't come as a surprise. 

glass city coffee cup and shirt

In addition to the coffee cups, we have a handful of fun coffee shirts shirts, as well. If you're looking for a shirt that shows you know Toledo coffee culture or are a proud local Ohio coffee drinker, you've found your spot. 

We now have two three new coffee cups to add to our Coffee collection: Ohio Smiley Mug, Ohio Coffee Mug, and our Glass City Diner Mug.

If you're looking for something to say, 'Hey! I love Ohio and I love coffee', these three new mugs do just that. 

You can find all of these coffee cups on our website and in our Toledo retail stores


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