New Tiger Cubs at the Toledo Zoo!

by Molly Joyce

The Toledo Zoo, being named the "Most Complete Zoo", has lots of fun exhibits and activities for the whole family. From riding the train through the wild Savannah to exploring the Arctic Tundra, there is so much zoo to do.

Why is the Toledo Zoo the most complete zoo? 

Fun Fact: the Toledo Zoo has over 700 different species with more than 10,000 animals. On top of that, the Zoo also takes part in more than 80 Species Survival Plans in efforts to save endangered wildlife. 

Remember the Panda-monium when the Pandas came to Toledo?

Adult and Youth Vintage 1988 Panda Shirt

For those who didn't experience the 1988 Panda Exhibit at the Zoo, you'll look at this shirt and see a couple of pandas on it. BUT, if you do remember the legendary panda-monium of Nan Nan and Le Le coming to town, this shirt will bring back some nostalgia. 

There were so many memories made and a lot of excitement that sparked while the two pandas were visiting in Toledo. These giant pandas were able to travel to Toledo and have their very own exhibit due to a loan from China. Hundreds to thousands of people waited outside of the Zoo gates to get a chance to see these rare animals. Pictures of Nan Nan and Le Le were printed on mugs, glassware, and our personal favorite, t-shirts. 

We revisited the excitement of Nan Nan and Le Le coming to town with this 1988 Panda Exhibit shirt. If you don't have the original t-shirt to pass down to your own kids, we have youth sizes available to relive your memories from 1988. 

Tiger cubs at the Zoo! 

Toledo Zoo Vintage Tiger Shirt

Fast forward to 2021... for the first time in 9 years, the Toledo Zoo has welcomed two new tiger cubs. These two adorable Siberian cubs will make their public debut on June 12th. 

With very few Siberian tigers left in the world, the birth of these cubs are  incredibly beneficial towards to growth of their population. You won't want to miss out on meeting these precious cubs this summer and watching them grow.  

Best Zoo, here we come! 

With the warm weather here, now is the perfect time to head on over to the Toledo Zoo. Create new memories with these new tiger cubs, awesome exhibits, and all of the activities the Zoo has for you to do. 

What better time to wear our licensed Toledo Zoo Vintage Tiger Shirt? Grab your friends and family to visit the new members of the Zoo and explore the best zoo in the country!


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