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Want a new, exclusive shirt every month? Tap to learn more about our Shirt Clubs!
Midwesterner Sweatshirt Blanket

Midwesterner Sweatshirt Blanket

midwesterner sweatshirt blanket

Need a little Midwestern comfort? Snuggle up in our first new sweatshirt blanket of the season. Our new MIdwesterner sweatshirt blanket brings all of the coziness you could need this fall. 

Our sweatshirt blankets have been a huge hit since we released them last year. We launched them with Toledo, Midwest, and Ohio themes. Our blankets are 62" by 78" of ultra soft sweatshirt material that'll keep you warm and comfy. That's so big it could fit your entire family!

We love these blankets so much that we have a series of new releases planned in addition to this Midwesterner blanket. We'll continue to expand on our most popular themes with fun new designs and colors. 

We get it. Sometimes it's hard to know what to buy someone because you don't know what size shirt they wear. That's another reason these blankets are the perfect year-round gift.   

You can find our sweatshirt blankets online and in our retail stores

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