Do you want to know how our Midwesterner and pigment dyed crews fit?

by Molly Joyce

You all seem to love these embroidery crews more and more every day. One question that we’ve been asked a lot is how they fit. It’s a good question because it fits differently than our standard crew sweatshirts. Don’t worry though! One of the big reasons everyone ends up loving these so much is the fit. 

Our pigment dyed sweatshirts are the ultimate relaxed fit you crave for fall. They are a standard unisex fit, meaning that they are a little looser and baggier fit.. 

embroidered midwesterner crew sweatshirt

Think of it this way: If you wear a unisex small in t-shirts, your best bet is to order the same size in this sweatshirt. If you want an ultra-oversized look, you can size up! If you’d prefer it a little closer to your body, you can size down. You’ve got plenty of options with this fit, but we typically suggest ordering the unisex size you’re usually most comfortable with.

ohioan crew sweatshirt

If you’re from the Midwest we have more than one crew that you’ll love. This sweatshirt comes in different colors for the Great Lakes, Michiganders, Ohioans, Midwesterners, Toledoans, and UT and BGSU fans. 

We’ve been doing our best to keep these in stock over the last few months. If you’re eyeing one for the fall or as a holiday gift, don’t wait. We are already back ordered up to a month on certain sizes and colors.

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