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Yule Do Better with these new candles! (Midwest and Toledo gifts)

Yule Do Better with these new candles! (Midwest and Toledo gifts)

You know us for our Midwest shirts and sweatshirts, but today we're bringing you something a little different. 

Each year we always work hard to bring you new products that are both fun and functional. 

These candles won't just add a hint of your Midwesterner pride to your home, but they'll leave you with a new drinking glass as well.  

Wick-ed Cool

new midwest and toledo jupmode candles

These candles have cheerful sayings with the best holiday scents. For the holidays, new year, or a "just because" gift, these candles will make for the perfect gift!

Your favorite Toledoan or Midwesterner is sure to love them almost as much as we do. 

Yule Do Better in Toledo!

Yule Do better in Toledo new holiday candle

This limited-edition holiday candle will make your home feel cozy and light up any room. Smelling like Cedar, Eucalyptus, Balsam Fir, and Pine Needles, this candle will have your home smelling like the holidays in Toledo. 

Cheers from the Midwest!

jupmode new candle cheers from the midwest

Get in the holiday season and let your spirit show even after the holidays are over with this candle.

If you're a Midwesterner that loves a good-smelling candle in the wintertime, then we got you covered. We wanted to bring you a candle that is special and smells like the holidays in the Midwest.

When you burn this candle, you can expect your home to smell like cinnamon, honey, sweet red fruits, and orange peel!

Don't miss out!

You'll want to keep both of these candles burning forever with how good they smell!

It's the best time of the year to give the gift of the holidays to your loved ones. Want to know something cool? After you're done burning through these cool guys, you can clean and reuse the rocks glass it's housed in!

Get your newest favorite candles in stores or online at! Spread the love. 

Molly Joyce is the Marketing Manager at Jupmode. After studying Marketing, Management, and Professional Sales at the University of Toledo's College of Business and Innovation (Go Rockets!), Molly helped develop marketing and communication projects for a global Fortune 500 company.  Now she leads the coordination and execution of marketing initiatives for the consumer retail brand and B2B custom businesses at Jupmode. Connect with Molly on LinkedIn!

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