Metroparks Toledo Pop-up Shop 2.0!

by Brittney McAndrew

The Metroparks Toledo pop-up shop 2.0 is here! From now until September 22nd, visit Jupmode Supply to place your order and support one of your seven favorite Metroparks. All orders will be will be collected on the last weekday of each month at 5:00 pm and will ship within 10 business days. 

We are almost to the end of this month, so get your orders placed just in time for the start of Summer! 


  • Comment Author: Doug Eckel

    Can I buy a shirt at any of the parks or is it purchased only on line?

  • Comment Author: JOHN

    Just curious if you are still selling the metroparks shirts? Looking for a women’s medium Wildwood.

  • Comment Author: Kim Shabnow

    I would love to order An Oak’s T-shirt, how do I do this?

  • Comment Author: Alicia

    I second a design for Side Cut! Wildwood has been my favorite since I was tiny (probably due to Holidays at the Manor House), but once I discovered the history of the locks at Side Cut and how you can technically walk to the Fallen Timbers memorial, it quickly moved to second place. Also, a Farnsworth design with the Roche de Boeuf would be 👌🏻

  • Comment Author: Chris Wallace

    I’m going to order the Wildwood shirt but Pearson has been special since I was very young. Will there be a design for soon?

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