Major Magic's Shirts

by John Amato

We like to transport you back in time with our vintage Toledo t-shirts. 

Two of your favorites are our Major Magics shirts. Jam packed with nostalgia for all of the games, pizza, and the Major's animatronic band, the Rock & Roll Rebellion. 

If you were lucky enough to grow up in Northwest Ohio or surrounding areas (we've heard reports of Major Magic's up in Michigan!), hopefully your mom or dad relented at least once and gave into your requests to go to Major Magic's. 

Our Major Magic's shirts are designed to relive your fond memories of your youth. 

Major Magic's Vintage Shirts

major magics shirt

Sure, Major Magic’s had pizza, but it was really just fuel to dance with the Rock & Roll Rebellion band as they jammed out to hits, or play all the games you could because games meant tickets and tickets meant prizes, or run around the play area until you thought you might be sick.

Eat a slice today in memory of Major Magic’s All Star Pizza Revue!

rock and roll rebellion shirt

Where Can You Find Major Magic's Shirts

Our Major Magic's shirts have been a hit since we released them in 2018. 

You can find these designs, as well as our other historical Toledo t-shirts, on and in our Toledo, Ohio based retail store! 



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