Our New Midwest, Ohio, and Toledo Magnets (Midwest Gifts)

by John Amato

Magnet with Ohio Smiley Face

We've always really loved the local flair in our magnets. It's been a while so we decided it was finally time to update our line of Midwest, Ohio, and Toledo magnets!

Magnets are a fun and inexpensive way to show your spirit and spice up fridge, car, laptop, or locker. And to be honest, there aren't a lot of original, creative magnets out there. 

In addition to being great accessories to your favorite magnetic surface, our magnets are thick enough and strong enough to be used on outdoor surfaces. So don't be afraid to put this on your car!

Coming from Ohio, we know that unless you want just another Ohio State magnet, you don't have a lot of options. So we thought that heading in to the holiday season was the perfect time to put a bunch of our favorite designs on new magnets for you.

New Ohio Magnets to show your Buckeye Pride

red and gray ohio magnet

Ohio is our home state and we're pretty proud of that fact. That's why we kicked off this new magnet launch with three new Ohio magnet designs.

If you're from Ohio and it makes you happy and you love to explore it, then our Ohio Smiley magnet pack and Explore Ohio magnet pack are meant for you.

Michigan and Great Lakes Magnets

michigan high five magnet

No matter where you're from, it's hard not to love the state of Michigan. Even Ohioans like us can't deny the appeal of heading up to Northern Michigan during any season.

We're big fans of Michigan and all it has to offer. 

To celebrate your love for the state of Michigan, check out our High Five Michigan magnet and Great Lakes Great Times magnet (Michigan is the Great Lakes state, after all).

Midwest Love and Toledo, Ohio Magnet Packs

toledo ohio magnet

While we might be biased and list Toledo as the greatest city in the Midwest, we know that the Midwest should be celebrated as a region. 

Our Toledo and Midwest magnets do just that. 

From our classic You Will Do Better in Toledo magnet to our Go Midwest and Midwest Pennant magnets, there's no easier way to show your pride in your Midwest roots. 

Can't make up your mind on which one you love best? Check out our this mix and match Midwest Regional magnet pack with three separate magnets: Great Lakes, Great Times, Midwest Pennant, and Explore Ohio. It's got something for everyone.

You guys, we've got a lot of new magnets (We even have a fun Dog Mom magnet!). We hope they are as much fun for you as they've been for us to make. 

You can pick up any of these magnet packs at our Toledo, Ohio retail stores and on our website!


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