Choose Kindness Shirt (Adult and Youth)

by John Amato

The right t-shirt can make a statement in the same way that an act of kindness can. A simple message of kindness on a shirt can inspire you and those around you to be kind to everyone. 

Graphic t-shirts give you a practical and comfortable way to promote messages that are important to you and share a little extra personality with the world . They are wearable, cost effective, long lasting billboards.

When we print custom shirts for other people, we always love to see the creative and funny sayings that people want on their shirts. They are our favorite shirts to print.

A little kindness goes a long way. We know that and have done our best to bring a little extra kindness to our community in anyway we can. Whether its donating shirts and gift bags to good causes, partnering with local charities with our Toledo Community Shirt program, or volunteering with our favorite organizations. We know that kindness is a strength and the more we practice it, the better we get at it.

Choose Kindness Shirt

adult and youth kindness shirt

We say it time and again, the great part of being able to print your own shirts is that you get to make shirts that you want to wear and have special meaning. Our kindness shirt checks both of those boxes. 

We designed this shirt knowing that it would resonate with you as much as it does us. 

Since we want kindness to be a universal trait, we did something we don't typically do and made this shirt available in both adult and youth sizes. The adult kindness shirt is printed with navy ink on a soft light blue shirt while the colors of the youth tee are inverted - light blue print on a navy blue shirt. 

What else makes this shirt special?

Well, it may seem a bit strange to learn this, but most online clothing retailers are only involved in the design process for their apparel. The manufacturing or decoration is outsourced to a separate company. We are pretty proud of the fact that not only did our in-house designers illustrate this design by hand, but we screen printed these shirts in our own facility.

And we guarantee that shirt was printed with and will be delivered with kindness!    

Be Kind to Animals Shirt

be kind to animals shirt

We know you might be thinking: hey, just because you released a kindness shirt for World Kindness Day doesn't mean you truly value being kind. 

Not to make this all about us and our own personal validation, but we've been consistent in our commitment to kindness. 

Our first love, of course, is our dogs. When we partnered with the Toledo Humane Society on a Community Shirt, our message was loud and clear: Be Kind to Animals.

While this shirt is no longer available, there are other options to spread the love with a t-shirt. Our two most popular statements are featured on our Love is Love shirt and Love Better tee

So get out there, do someone a kindness, and make things better for the people in your life! 


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