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I'm from...[Ohio, Michigan and Midwest apparel]

I'm from...[Ohio, Michigan and Midwest apparel]

Can people identify where you are from just from one conversation? 

Be proud of your home roots with our brand new Pocket Tees!

Do people ever peg you as a Midwesterner, Ohioan, or Michigander before you can even tell them?

Maybe it's the fact that we call it pop, not soda. Or that we show up to every cookout with copious amounts of ranch. Could it be that we will take the Great Lakes over the oceans any day?

Regardless of how they know, let's make it easier and let everyone know right away with these new pocket tees!

If you're just as proud of your roots as we are, make sure you check out our Midwest, Ohio, Michigan, and Great Lakes collections! 

These new pocket tees are available on our website and in our Toledo, Ohio retail stores

Molly Joyce is the Marketing Manager at Jupmode. After studying Marketing, Management, and Professional Sales at the University of Toledo's College of Business and Innovation (Go Rockets!), Molly helped develop marketing and communication projects for a global Fortune 500 company.  Now she leads the coordination and execution of marketing initiatives for the consumer retail brand and B2B custom businesses at Jupmode. Connect with Molly on LinkedIn!

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