Heat Transfer Shirt Design Examples

by John Amato

There are many options to consider when ordering custom t-shirts. When it comes to choosing the best decoration method for your design between heat transfer vs screen print, many times that's not up to you, the customer. 

When our customers reach out to us with a custom shirt request, they are coming to us for our expertise. We inform them of the best decoration method based on the design specifics and type and quantity of garments.

Over the years, the quality of heat transfers has improved. No longer are they the thick vinyl applications you remember from your youth sports leagues or the vintage rock concert shirts that have half the design missing because it came off after one wash. 

New technologies have emerged to improve the quality of heat transfers and make them long lasting and give them a better hand feel on a shirt. Additionally, with the onset of digital technologies, the difference between heat transfers, digital prints, and screen printing can be difficult to discern. 

Whether you need shirts for your business, sports team, non-profit, or a special birthday, heat transfers provide great results. Here are examples of shirts we've decorated with heat transfers.   

Photo Birthday Shirt 

heat transfer shirt design with photo

If you can't make shirts that make you laugh, why are you even making shirts? 

There is no better use of heat transfers than putting a full color photo on a shirt. In this situation, screen printing isn't a viable option in small quantities. The art and decoration is simplified when this photo is transfered onto a shirt.

Funny family shirts are always in style. With a heat transfers you can recreate any image you want and wear it to family gatherings for years to come.

Shumaker Pride Tank Top

heat transfer tank top

Screen printing 10 colors on one side of a shirt is a pretty tough thing to do. The Pride flag presents us with one of our greatest challenges as t-shirt makers. 

While we could screen print the design, the set up fees can make it cost prohibitive. Using a heat transfer simplifies the art process and those savings are passed on to the customer. 

Old West End Neighborhood Shirt

old west end toledo shirt

As we are fond of saying in Toledo, there might be a lot of great neighbhors out there, but none are quite as special as the Old West End.

The Old West End is Toledo's most unique neighborhood. Full of great people and homes, there's a lot to love about it. 

When asked to make a shirt for the neighborhood for Toledo Pride, heat transfers recreated their original design perfectly while keeping them cost effective

University of Toledo Pride Shirt 

toledo pride heat transfer

Do you want bright colors on your shirt? A full rainbow? A gradient blend? 

If you want all of these things, nothing pops on a shirt quite like a heat transfer.

Take a look at the design above for the University of Toledo and you can see how vibrant and colorful a shirt can be. Creating designs with the colors of the rainbow is a popular trend for Pride shirts. Transfers make them easy and consistent. 

Ottawa Hills High School Shirts 

heat transfer shirt example

Do you have a small order of shirts? With heat transfers, that's not a problem.

These shirts for Ottawa Hills Schools have a vintage beach theme that looks great on t-shirts and sweatshirts. If you look closely, you can see all of the different colors in the shirt design. 

By using heat transfers to make these shirts, we are bringing our customers full design idea to life without eliminating the colors or simplifying the design just so that we can screen print it. 

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By now you have seen the quality and versatility of shirts decorated with heat transfers. We've used them to create custom shirts for local businesses, schools, families, and events.

We love that we can help people make shirts no matter how complicated the design is or how small the order is. Heat transfers make nearly everything possible. 

Are you in need of custom shirts for your organization? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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