7 Heartwarming Designs That Show Love for Your Furry Friend

by Molly Joyce

At Jupmode, we don’t try to be everything to everyone.

We cover a few themes and we try to cover them well. Our apparel and gifts celebrate the Midwest, the Great Lakes states, and our favorite places and things in the region.

And dogs.

Some of our favorite designs are the ones that honor pups and the special bond between humans and their pets. We’re a team of dog lovers, through and through.

Lots of our staff are adoring dog owners, which leads to plenty of inspiration for creating unique dog-themed shirts and gear. While most of our inventory is Midwest-focused, we make some exceptions for pup-themed items. 

lots of our staff are adoring

Our shop dog, Penny, spends pretty much every day palling around our office. She joined us from Deacon’s Hope Rescue in 2017 and she’s been our pride and joy ever since.

Plus, we love running dog-friendly retail stores. Our Adams Street Location even features a “dog wall” hall of fame photo board that shows off all of our wonderful canine visitors.

Today, let’s explore a few of our favorite dog-themed designs for shirts and other gifts that:

  • Celebrate our furry four-legged pals
  • Make great gifts for the dog-lovers in your life
  • Can be custom-made by Jupmode

1- Live Every Day Like It’s Puppy Friday T-Shirt

purple “Live Every Day Like It’s Puppy Friday” shirt

What’s Puppy Friday? Well, it’s like a regular Friday, full of relief and joy—plus puppies.

Some workplaces celebrate Puppy Friday by making it a weekly bring-your-dog-to-work day. You might also notice even more puppy pics than usual on Fridays in your social media scrolling, some bearing the hashtag #PuppyFriday.

At Jupmode, we really do live every day like it’s Puppy Friday. If you’ve got four legs and a wet snoot, our doors are always open. Join the fun with this delightful Live Every Day Like It’s Puppy Friday tee. 

2 - Can I Pet Your Dog? T-Shirt

blue “Can I Pet Your Dog?” shirt with black lettering

Have you ever really wanted to pet a dog but were too shy to ask? You make eye contact—with the dog—but then the moment tragically slips away. 

You want it. The dog definitely wants it. But there’s that other human involved. They’re probably nice, too, but it’s not always easy to talk to strangers. 

To the rescue: this lovely, straight-to-the-point, lake blue Can I Pet Your Dog shirt. Skip the small talk and get straight to the good stuff. Pet more dogs. 

This silly print wasn’t actually meant to be a for-sale design. We made it for fun and posted a pic on Instagram. Everybody loved it—it turns out that “can I pet your dog” really strikes a chord. So, we added it to our inventory. 

Like most Jupmode tees, this is a cotton, poly, and rayon blend. This blend holds its shape and size and won’t noticeably shrink. 

The Can I Pet Your Dog tee is super soft, but also comfortably stretchy and breathable. Most importantly, it’s your ticket to extra head pats, tummy rubs, and under-the-chin scratches, everywhere you go. 

3 - Proud Dad of the Best Dog T-Shirt

gray and blue “Proud Dad of the Best Dog” shirt

Fatherhood…it’s hard work, but it’s worth it. 

We’re referring to dog dads, of course. Human kids are cool too, but this shirt is all about the special love between a man and his beloved pooch. 

The ultra-soft Proud Dad of the Best Dog shirt makes a great birthday or Father’s Day gift for all the guys who go the extra mile for their canine companions. 

4 - Dog Mom T-Shirt

white “Dog Mom” shirt with multi-colored block lettering

Dog moms, this one’s for you. The Dog Mom t-shirt is cheerful, colorful, and all about dogs—just like you. 

Caring for your pup is a big job that you pour your heart and soul into. This shirt celebrates that special part of who you are. 

Looking for some more dog mom swag? Here are a few more unique gift items that celebrate the mommas. 

Dog Mom glass mug

Dog Mom Glass Mug

Buy Now

Dog Mom sticker three-pack

Dog Mom Sticker Three-Pack

Buy Now

5 - Dog Person T-Shirt

gray “Dog Person” t-shirt with black block lettering

One of the best things you can be is a dog person. If you like pups and they like you, you’re definitely doing something right. 

The unisex, heather gray fitted Dog Person shirt is low-key and to the point. Celebrate that one part of your identity that’s full of joy and will never change. 

6 - I Love My Dog T-Shirt

gray and white “I Love My Dog” shirt

You love your dog. You know it, your dog knows it, and it’s time to let the world know it. 

The cheerful I Love My Dog tee is black with white lettering. A bubbly red heart in place of “love” captures the way we all feel when we think about our pups. 

”Bought this shirt for my husband for Father’s Day and said it was from his dog. The shirt is true to size and is so very soft.”
— Tara, ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode Buyer 

If the love is mutual, your adoring dog can rock the matching I Love My Human bandana. Check out a few more Jupmode dog bandana designs below.

I Love My Human bandana for dogs

I Love My Human Dog Bandana

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Great Lakes Great Dog bandana for dogs

Great Lakes Great Dog Bandana

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You Will Bark Better in Toledo bandana for dogs

You Will Bark Better in Toledo Dog Bandana

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”So fun! Love the dog bandana.”
— Anonymous, ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode Buyer 

7- Ask Me About My Dog T-Shirt

yellow “Ask Me About My Dog” shirt with black lettering

It’s so easy to get stuck in the small talk, discussing things that don’t really matter—things that aren’t your dog. 

With the fitted Ask Me About My Dog shirt, you can point the conversation directly toward your comfort zone. 

This comfy tri-blend tee is gold with big black lettering. It’s super soft, just stretchy enough for active use, and built for spreading good vibes. 

Need a few more ways to make everything all about your dog? Check out these delightful gold and black Ask Me About My Dog socks or this one-of-a-kind ceramic Ask Me About My Dog campfire mug.

”This mug is so cute! It’s a very thick and nice quality ceramic mug. Perfect for a dog lover like me! Packaging was very nice and kept the mug secure.”
— Haley, ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode Buyer 

Create Your Own Custom Dog Shirts 

If you’d like to design your very own canine-themed apparel design, we can help. Our in-house design team can bring your ideas to life. We can put your design wherever you’d love to see it, including:

  • Shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Sweatpants
  • Bags
  • Hats

With custom printing, anything is possible. Some of our favorite orders are tribute shirts that feature the face and name of a special pup. 

Custom shirt orders don’t need to be in bulk. Do you have a fun shirt idea to honor your pet, or just to have some dog-themed fun? Get in touch with us.

Apparel and Gifts that Celebrate Dogs 

At Jupmode, we’re happy to be your destination for pup-themed apparel and gifts. 

For more ideas, check out our entire dog-lover shirts collection and the rest of our pet-themed inventory. We’ve got dog-themed shirts, socks, and more, along with collars and bandanas for the pups. 

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by one of our two retail stores in Toledo, Ohio—Jupmode Adams Street or Jupmode Cricket West. Don’t forget, we’re dog-friendly. No need to leave your furry pal at home. 

Or, order online anywhere, anytime. 

We ship online orders through the US Postal Service (USPS) within 1–5 days of your order date. 

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Jupmode. Check out the Jupmode blog for more apparel and gift buying guides and product descriptions. 

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