Greetings from the Midwest! (New Shirt Release)

by Molly Joyce

From us in Toledo to wherever you are in the Midwest, we're here to say greetings!

That's may sound a little robotic to someone who isn't familiar with the Midwest. We are, after all, the flyover states.

But Midwesterners are known for their friendliness, politeness, and being the first ones to say hello!

Even if you're walking past each other and you don't know the person, it is not uncommon for Midwesterners to initiate a friendly wave. 

Greetings from the Midwest

Greetings from the Midwest new t-shirt release

It's true, the Midwest is best.

The people are nice, card games are a must, and the weather keeps everyone on their toes! Midwesterners have a sense of pride, unlike any other region. All of the sayings, quirks, and unique activities bring a sense of community all across the Midwest. 

If you're looking to share your pride for the best region, this shirt is the one for you. From playing Euchre to visiting your favorite lake town, you'll want to share your Midwest hospitality wherever you go. 

Show off your Midwest love

Know someone that would love this shirt? Make it the perfect present and gift it to your favorite Midwesterner!

Or... treat yo' self with this soft and cozy t-shirt.

Either way, you can grab this shirt in stores or online at alongside all of our original Midwesterner clothing! We would love to see how you rock this shirt.


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