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by John Amato

We've had a few super cool high school students helping out this summer, and they told us we need to start doing this thing called TikTok.

For the first time since I've started this business, a social media platform has made me feel old. One thing that we've always been great at is social media. We were on Facebook and Instagram early, we do a good job on LinkedIn, and our blog has always been important. 

Social media is a great way to show our authentic self. We've used it as a great tool for branding, promotion, and customer engagement. If you've been following us for a while, hopefully you agree that we do a really good job of it. It's the thing we get complimented on the most. And we're proud of that. 

The only thing that is certain about social media is that you have to be where the attention is. Right now, attention is on TikTok. Beyond attention, our goal is to connect with our customers and fans in a new way on TikTok. So far we're using it much differently than our other social media platforms. And that's a good thing.

TikTok is daunting for me because I'm not great at music or dancing. However, the more I used it the more I realized it's about community and positivity. And you know what? That's exactly what Jupmode is about! 

For the last few weeks we've been sharing a video once a day during the week. We don't have a lot of followers and we're still figuring things out. However, we're showing more behind the scenes and process videos on TikTok than you've probably seen in the past. 

Do you want to see how we screen print on our manual press? Do you want to see us print our six color Love is Love shirt on the auto? Do you want to see us run an embroidery job? Do you want to see 

We felt like this was a good time to announce our presence on TikTok because this week one of our videos about embroidery jackets for the local Chick-Fil-A has over 50K views! Not bad for a bunch of old people!

I've enjoyed every minute of this viral video of ours. It's been great to remind these youngsters that we're still cool. 

So if you're young enough or cool enough to be on TikTok, give us a follow @jupmode.


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