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Free shipping on all orders over $75!
Euchre T-Shirts (Midwesterner Gifts)

Euchre T-Shirts (Midwesterner Gifts)

Growing up in Northwest Ohio we never thought much about the game Euchre. 

It was always there - at family reunions, at the lake, and holiday parties. 

Everybody knew how to play. And if we wanted to be part of the fun, we learned young. 

It's not an uncommon story for those that grew up in the Midwest. 

Who plays Euchre? 

It was surprising when we got older and met people from other regions and they didn't know how to play Euchre. 

pick it up i'm going alone euchre t-shirt

Even going to a regional Midwestern college, you might find people that didn't know what happens if turn down a bower. 

Since we've released these Euchre shirts, it's been interesting to learn who knows how to play, who doesn't, and where they are from.

Obviously, Euchre is a Midwest card game. It's played in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois.

But if our orders tell us a story, we've learned that it's known in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and New York, as well. 

Euchre is a well loved card game

Regardless of where people are from or play Euchre, one thing is for certain: people that play Euchre are passionate about it. 

To say we were surprised by the strength of the reaction to our "Pick it up I'm going Alone" shirt is an understatement. Turns out there is a lot of pent up demand to show people how much you love Euchre.

euchre club card game t-shirt

Euchre is such a fun card game because it's a family game. It's a game that the young and old enjoy playing and, most importantly, play together.

It's a right of passage in your early teen years when you finally get to play with the adults. That's a special feeling. You worked hard to get there and want to show your aunts and uncles you deserve it. 

Euchre is even more special around the holidays. When the entire family is inside together it's the most natural thing for a game to breakout after a family dinner.

Our Most Popular Euchre Clothing

pick it up i'm going alone euchre crew sweatshirt

For those of you who love the game and play with a club or their friends, we have the shirts for you!

To be quite honest, we were a bit surprised by the response to our Pick it Up shirt. We obviously feel passionate about Euchre but we knew we tapped into something special with this design.

So on the heels of that, we've added to our line of Euchre clothing.

Add to your Euchre team uniform with our Euchre Club shirtIn the Barn shirt, Pick It Up I'm Going Alone crew, and Euchre Club koozie.

Maybe you didn't think you needed a Euchre shirt until you found yourself here. Or maybe you have a great friend you know that loves the game more than anyone you know. 

Either way, these shirts are the trump card to show everyone just how truly Midwestern you are. 

Find them on our website and in both of our Midwestern retail stores in Toledo, OH.

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