8 Funny Dog Lover T-Shirts to Break the Ice at the Dog Park

by Molly Joyce

What’s the point in starting a clothing company if you aren’t gonna make a whole bunch of shirts about dogs?

You might say we get a little carried away with our dog-themed design ideas. After all, our core purpose here at Jupmode is to make apparel and gifts for people who live in and love the Midwest, Ohio, and Toledo.

Technically, all this dog stuff is just a bonus.

And yet, we’re kinda crazy about dogs around here. We’ve got a team full of dog people, and we’ve chosen to embrace that.

Our retail stores are dog-friendly, and we even have a “dog wall” hall of fame photo gallery of all our canine visitors at our Adams Street location.

Our staff is full of dog owners, too. That includes our very own shop dog, Penny, who spends just about every day hanging out with our team. She was adopted from Deacon’s Hope Rescue in 2017, and she’s been part of our family ever since.

The point is, we like dogs, we make shirts, and so we make shirts about dogs. It just makes sense.

we like dogs

Let’s check out a few of our favorite dog-themed t-shirts:

  • Dog Mom 
  • Proud Dad of the Best Dog 
  • Dog Person 
  • I Love My Dog 
  • Can I Pet Your Dog?
  • Ask Me About My Dog
  • What’s Your Dog’s Name?
  • Dog’s Best Friend

1- Dog Mom Shirt

white “Dog Mom” shirt with colored block lettering

First up, something special for all those hard-working dog moms out there. “Dog Mom” is a vital part of who you are, and this shirt celebrates that beautiful part of your identity. 

This Dog Mom tee uses large, colorful lettering to brag about your pup.

Complete the set with this matching Dog Mom glass coffee mug.

2- Proud Dad of the Best Dog Shirt

gray “Proud Dad of the Best Dog” shirt

Here’s one for the fellas… who are in love… with their dogs. 

We know there’s some competition out there for “best dog,” but these titles aren’t really all that official. What’s important is that this fitted gray tee helps dudes celebrate their fabulous pets.

Like most of our t-shirts, the Proud Dad of the Best Dog shirt is a cotton, poly, and rayon blend. It’s ultra-soft but stretchy and breathable enough for a hard afternoon of chasing your pup around the dog park. 

3- Dog Person Shirt

gray “Dog Person” shirt with black block lettering

We’re all just people, right? Dog people, to be more specific. 

This unisex, fitted heather-gray Dog Person t-shirt celebrates all the dog people out there. You’re good people. We see you, and we made you this shirt. 

The Dog Person message is simple but says it all. You’re sure to get a few appreciative head nods from all the other dog people out there as you sport this comfy and sporty tee. 

4- I Love My Dog Shirt

dark gray “I Love My Dog” shirt with white block lettering

Four little words can say so much. I love my dog! You’ve said it many times, so why not wear it across your chest?

The I Love My Dog shirt is black with cheerful white lettering. That big red heart in place of “love” lets everyone know how you feel about your pet. 

”Bought this shirt for my husband for Father’s Day and said it was from his dog. Shirt is true to size and is so very soft.”
— Tara, ★★★★★ Verified Jupmode Buyer 

Does your dog feel the same way about you? Hit the dog park as adoring human/canine twins when you hook your pet up with a matching I Love My Human bandana

5- Can I Pet Your Dog? Shirt

blue “Can I Pet Your Dog?” shirt with black lettering

What if there was a way to pet more dogs? 

We’ve all wondered it. But maybe, sometimes, we’re too shy to ask. This charming lake-blue Can I Pet Your Dog shirt takes care of breaking the ice. You can quickly get connected to an adorable pup who might be desperately in need of your unique brand of head pats. 

Just point to your shirt, smile, and you’re in. This might just be the dog-petting ticket you’ve been looking for. 

6- Ask Me About My Dog Shirt

yellow “Ask Me About My Dog” shirt with black lettering

Do you like to keep your pup all to yourself or do you prefer to share the love?

If you’re happiest when your dog is spreading joy to everyone they meet, you need the Ask Me About My Dog t-shirt

Gold with black lettering, this tri-blend tee is cozy and full of good energy. You’re crazy about your dog, and you love talking about them. This shirt cuts right to the chase. 

If you love the vibes of this tee, treat your feet with a pair of snazzy black and gold Ask Me About My Dog socks

Then, complete the set with a matching Ask Me About My Dog ceramic campfire mug

testimonial from Haley

7- What’s Your Dog’s Name? Shirt

red “What’s Your Dog’s Name” shirt with white lettering

Mind your manners—always remember to ask a human their own name before moving on to their dog. Try to make eye contact… again, first with the human, then the dog. 

Or, just skip the chit-chat and get right to the point with this cheeky What’s Your Dog’s Name shirt

This soft and comfy tri-blend tee is red with white text that gets right to the point. It’s simple—wear this shirt; meet more amazing dogs; feel more joy. 

8- Dog’s Best Friend Shirt

red “Dog’s Best Friend” shirt with yellow block lettering

Are you lucky enough to truly be a dog’s best friend? If so, that’s really something worth celebrating. 

Red with gold lettering, the Dog’s Best Friend t-shirt is a bit sentimental—but hey, that’s the effect that doggos have on us. 

Fun Shirts and Gifts for Dog Lovers From Jupmode

Visit Jupmode for all your canine-related shirt and gift needs. We’ve got all sorts of fun dog-lover shirts, along with collars, leashes, and stylish pup bandanas. We’ve even got a Cats Are Cool, Too t-shirt for anyone who’s feeling left out by all this puppy love. 

Check out all of our pet-themed apparel and gifts here

Visit one of our two retail locations in Toledo, Ohio, or order online anytime, anywhere. 

If you’re interested in going the extra mile and ordering a custom shirt to honor your pet, we’ve got you covered there, too. 

The experts on the Jupmode team can put your design on anything, including hats, bags, promo products, and more. We also embroider. 

There’s nothing more fun than creating a custom dog-themed shirt, so feel free to get in touch and bounce some ideas off us. 

For online orders, we ship through the US Postal Service within 1–5 days of your order date. Shipping options are as follows: 

Shipping Method Price Delivery Time
Standard $3.95 Up to 10 days
Priority $7.95 Up to 10 days
Orders over $75 Free Up to 10 days

If you come down to see us in person, remember, we’re dog-friendly. Bring your pooch so we can say “Hi.” 

To learn more about Jupmode, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. For more buying guides, product spotlights, and even a few articles about Penny, our office dog, visit the Jupmode blog.

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