Only in Toledo: Be inspired by the story of DeShawn Willis and Lake Lawns

by John Amato

DeShawn's hard work, determination, grit, and intelligence embody the spirit of Toledo. Toledo is better because of people like DeShawn Willis. It doesn't get any better than this. Watch his story in the video below. 

We love this story. DeShawn is an inspiration. I feel a personal connection because the first job I had was cutting grass for people in my neighborhood.

DeShawn explained his situation:

"This is temporary because my van broke down so I came up with a creative and gas efficient way to keep my clients happy . I can get across town in 10 to 15 mins and I can do an average of 4-6 yards a day at an average of $25 a yard and I got a lot of people ( at least 30). This is my way to take care of business and save money at the same time so I can get that nice pick up truck I been wanting. I have no problem in starting small and growing into something bigger later on slow and steady wins the race."

You can support DeShawn by hiring him to help you with your yard or by making a donation to him on GoFundMe. Money raised is going to help him get a truck and new equipment for his business.

It's stories like these that make us proud to be from Toledo. 

Support DeShawn Willis' Small Business on GoFundMe



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